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Question for you experienced smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LostTurtle, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I'm kinda high. Not much. Will be soon. But when I'm really high, I picture strange things. And do random things, and forget things that recently happened. I get pretty lost...
    But my question to you, does the high still feel as severe as it use to when you were first starting? Or is it a different kind of high?
  2. Everyone is different I think. I know I don't get half as fucked up as I used to get. Now the high has changed into sort of a philosophical or insightful kind of high. I can function normally, but when the mind wanders... it wanders. ya dig? :p
  3. Not at all. Now for me, it's more of a body high than anything, I just get really relaxed and put on some tunes. Back when I first started, it felt like everything was a dream. Can't say I miss it, but can't say I don't, either.
  4. search tolerance.

    your defiantly high... or really stupid
  5. ^^^^^^Chill out, bro^^^^^^

    I guess I've been smoking for a little over a year now and one thing I've noticed very recently is that I don't flip out nearly as much. I'm a lot more relaxed. I'm able to do things I need to and deal with people without freaking out.

    If you get fucked up, you get fucked up, but it takes a shit ton more to actually get there. Otherwise smoking a bigass joint with my buds leaves me at an amazing spot
  6. The first time has always been a different thing for me.

    The amount of psychedelic mindfucks that I experienced that first time, i've never been able to match.

    It progressively got less and less intense, not only you build a chemical tolerance to it, especially if you do it several times a week, you get used to the effects so they're not so intense anymore.

    But I enjoy the medium tolerance I have now, getting tripped out is not why I like to use cannabis.

    Low tolerance smoking can often result in several kinds of anxiety, people too high "freaking out" is a common example, but it also happens in even less noticeable ways. Getting tripped out can be fun and interesting, but if you're just looking to relax it's not ideal.
    I'm 5 years in on almost daily smoking, and I know how to dose myself correctly (keep it low), and my tolerance is medium. I still feel cannabis, and its potent, but I just get relaxed and mildy tripped out now.
  7. Is going to be moved to apprentice in 3,2,1..........
  8. After a while of smoking you will lose that ability to get that high so easily. When I first started smoking I was 13 years old. I was taking a vacation with my Cousin to Beaufort, SC. She didn't care if I smoked or what I did so I ALWAYS hung out with her. While we were there my cousins roomate's son wanted me to smoke. So I did. I felt nothing at first but after about 20 min I thought I was about to die. I was very paranoid and was pacing throughout the house for about an hr.

    After my years of use of weed I don't get that high so easily anymore. I have to smoke a bit of good purp or an ass of reg. So remember...When you first start smoking make sure you enjoy being that high.
  9. Myself, the high is nothing like i used to and tolerance is very real. I get the loopy spacy high only for a shrot while after smoking (not eating) but i remain in a happy state of less pain through the day. That old saying that you can only get so high is true, much like a prescription pill once you get used to the side effects its mild and your able to function again. that being said its time to remedicate
  10. Well its weird at that point, to be honest, i'de suggest you smoked as much as possible as quick as possible, and see the pictures, cause I remember something along these lines, it has something to do with the strain of weed,
    some weed:
    Causes hallucinations
    Body highs
    "High" highs
    some can just be smoked for taste, ya know?
    But with these picture phases, i suggest dropping some beatles, pink floyd, doors, eminem (old shit not new), and def techno, try
    Daruda - Sandstorm
    Lords Of Acid - Marijuana In Your Brain (Dope Smokin Mix "Remix")
    Try to focus into them and stre from the center of a room into the wall as well, and try to get a tunnel started, its to do with the fact of how much seratonin is flowing in your brain, which causes dream like hallucinations, make sure to look at a bunch of trippy pictures before you smoke up to be alot more crazy :), and when you close your eyes
    listen to:
    Wiz Khalifa - Ink My Whole Body
    Any music that has a "blue" sort of feel to it :)
  11. also play super mario world and jam to some bob marley :D, go sit in a field near a tree, or something fun like that :)
  12. It depends if i'm smoking bud or concentrates. A good hash or oil will get me high as a motherfucker. If I smoke a joint i'm just chilled out and relaxed.
  13. THIS - when I first tried it, it was like I imagined LSD to I just chill out with a little every now and then
  14. No, I don't get the same high at all. Now, when I'm sober for too long, I get really bad anxiety and a bad temper. Also can't eat, or sleep if I haven't smoked in the last few hours. When I smoke a few bowls or whatever, it calms me down. I don't feel a high or anything, just relaxed and baseline. It sucks, but it's a bitch cutting back or taking a t-break when you've smoked so much daily for over 15 years.

    Sometimes, I do get pretty ripped from the wake-n-bake, though. Especially if I got some hash. =)

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