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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Kazé, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Tramadol...i thought it wasn't bad

    What ya'll think


    Street price per pill?
  2. tramadol is not that strong and runs about 2 dollars a pill
  3. thats what everyone keeps telling me so ima do that

    cuz if i give my friend ten aderol she gives me a whole thing of tramadol
  4. DO NOT FUCKING DO IT. that is a waste. tramadol SUCKS horribly. trust me i just got some from a friend and had to take 6 just to FEEL anything and even then it sucked really bad. DO NOT give up addies for that shit.
  5. i can get 30 addies for about 40-45$...they 15mg apiece

    good deal if i say so myself
  6. I would not pay more than like .50 for it. Its actually recreationally worthless
    I took 4 one time and all it did was make my heart race..and I got numb, but no euphoria
  7. have you ever tried tramadols? they aren't worth shit honestly. keep gettin tweaked on the addies fuck tramadols.
  8. Tramadols fucking SUCK. You can buy them online, legally for $0.66 a pill. If anyone tried to sell them to me, I would spit in their eye and laugh.

    Seriously, street value: $0.75-$1, best avoided since you can find so much better shit.
  9. i bought 3 50mgs for $10, shouldve said 4 or 5 but oh well it was worth it to me. felt hella good all day off just 3 of them and some dank herbage. now my muscles in my arm hurt tho. if i buy some more ima ask for 10 for 20 or at very least 8. but i dunno if its even worth buying again, although its the only opiod i can get at the moment. i wish i could get some methadone, hydro or oxy.
  10. ya bro addies all the way.

    fuck the is a synthetic opioid but they suck balls

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