Question for tokers

Discussion in 'General' started by whitesox123, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. So, if your living in california, is it safe to ask someone on the street for bud? theres so much of it over there, so why not? I mean how else are you gonna find a hook up if you just moved over there
  2. it would probably be the safest..find some dude smoking cigs or something thats usually a sure way to tell. people whosmoke cigs usually smoke weed or have tried it at least, so they won't care.
  3. that may not be smart, but i love anaheim/laguna and go there every year or so. last time i was there, a keyboard player at a sportsbar after the ducks game we were at, just approached and asked hey man, wanna toke, i was like , wow how did he know, then we went behind the bar and had a smoke, then in laguna some random drum circle invited me and my grl in and we enjoyed it, lol. so don't ask, per se. it will find you!
  4. id say no it go get your self a scrip or take it slow make some friends first do it safe
  5. Go hang out in the same places that other tokers might hang out. Pay attention to the "stickers" you see others with on their cars. Look for NORML or Kottonmouth Kings, SRH, anything that denotes they are ok with 420. . . . hit em up, it's easy to find friends, Just be careful and take it really slow . . . good luck!

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