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Question for those of you with lots of stoner friends

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DCS, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I go to a college that is pretty much 90% christian, which makes stoners a bit harder to spot. Is there anything that would make a stoner obvious to other stoners, but not everybody?

    For example: Rasta Bob Marley shirt; too much.

    Any ideas?
  2. Things that are similar to culture in Jamaica aren't obvious signs that someone is a stoner, they're stereotypes. In my own experience, I've known if someone smoked weed through how chill they are generally - stoned and sober, if they're a daily smoker they will usually have the scent because of their hair, they're more prone to getting into philisophical debates/more opinionated than your average person in society - through my own experience anyway.
  3. Get stoned and go to class, and if people ask if you're stoned, say yes.
  4. Walk around campus with blood shot eyes reeking of weed, other stoners will find you.
  5. it will probably be hard if you're at a Christian College. You have to find out where parties are at. I am sure you could get kicked out if it is a Christian College. Even if they did smoke, they probably wouldn't say it.
  6. Why can't Christians be stoners too?

  7. Lol rasta bob marley shirts don't have shit to do with jamaica man. A lot of jamaicans actually hate reggae music.

    Op how about you go to state?

    Or just ask people who look like they smoke. Only way to really spot a stoner is if they smell like weed or they look high.
  8. [quote name='"Eoinstidz"']Why can't Christians be stoners too?[/quote]

    <------ They can :D
  9. Finding stoners is like finding friends...It never works life will bring stoners to you in due time.
  10. To clarify, its not a christian college, but it is a very very christian area. It has been difficult so far haha
  11. No safety on the lighter

  12. this :smoke:

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