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Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, May 27, 2009.

  1. If any of you are form Ny that would help but id be happy with a general response too.

    Are all establishments that sell beer/ liquor required to have id scanners? I know gas stations such as 7 11 always do but is it required / in your experience are there a lot that don't scan?

    I ask because I am not 21 and Have a very nice Id front hologram and all. Ive used it at hole in the wall places just by flashing it while still in the plastic holder in the wallet, but im afraid to go into other places that may have larger quantities and better prices.

    As always any help / advice is appreciated.

    Peace- Hypno
  2. Well I look like an old man most of the time so I don't usually get carded, but I don't believe it's a requirement to have a scanner.

    If you're talking about buying it from stores - usually the scan but going to clubs and shit I've never seen my ID get scanned.

    I'm curious though, how did you get a hologram for the NYS ID? It's like embedded into the card, NY ID's seem to be the hardest to forge.

  3. I got it from a friend of mine who tried to get one of those make a fake kits online. The kit was garbage and he was out $50 so i gave him 10 for hologram which was surprisingly accurate. Ive heard you can make them with Pearl-Ex paint and Photo-EZ paper but Ive never tried. The ones online come on thin transparencies and are meant to be the final layer but they feel nothing like a real NY id (their sticky not smooth like the perped pvc)

    Does anyone know if a stop and shop or IGA would scan at the self checkout. I mean they always have high school kids working. Would they accept a flash?

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