Question for those growing with HPS??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DevilRed, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. Okay guys i plan to grow me a mum all winter long to clone off. Decided HPS was prob the best way to go in the long run.

    Anyhow, I got me a 70watt HPS security light from the Home Depot ($54) for my plant. I have a few questions.

    My room is 3'x3'x 6'tall (white closet)

    1) How close does this light need to be to the plant?
    2) Is this 70w enough for one foot and a half mum, clones?

    Lasty I read the thread on making the light a remote balast. But I just hung the light in the normal way since I have plenty of room. Should I keep the little plastic reflector shield on or off?

    Thanks guys!
  2. Okay my search did yield some results. Seems I want the light as close as possible, while not burning the plant? So for my 70w bulb a good 6"+ should be okay.

    Another question will Mercury Vapor Bulbs grow?

    I plan to add 100-150w of floro's to the closet along with the 70w hps for some added light when the funds become avail.
  3. mv will work but not very good but you can replace the bulb in the mv light with a mh bulb of the same wattage ,floros work good for extra light for mom ,have you ever cloned yet?,,,,, the only way i get clones to root is with floros and a humidity dome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what strain are you using
  4. Ive got White Widow plants that im working with. Just got back from the store (k-mart). They had 30w flouros labeled "plant lights" about 22" long each for only 9 bucks plug in and rock and roll. I got two of those. Figure 60w of flouros to suppliment my 70w should do for my small opperation

    No I have not cloned before. But I have grown a nice crop outside. What I have done is grown a female in a pot...about 1.5 feet tall. I plan to either bring her in and try to keep her for a mum.

    Or what I have already done is attempted a clone off her. Here is what I have done

    1) clipped a branch about 10" long.
    2) Removed all the leaves up to the top. Left the top and the one set of fan leaves below the top.
    3) Cut the stem under water, then added a slit about 1cm long up the stem.
    4) Dipped the stem in root grow powder.
    5) Put the plant in a small pot of super moist soil
    6) Plan to mist it daily and keep the soil most.
    7) on 24hr light right now.
    Should that work? If this plant grows I wont bring the larger potted one in, ill let it bud out and harvest it.
  5. Oh yea, the way the plant will be sitting in the lights

    The HPS is hung above projecting light downward about 7" from the plant. The flouros are haning on the sides of the plant about 3-4" from the plant.
  6. what type of floros? compact or shop lite? shoplite could go closer, nevermind sorry im stoned, i saw what type. hey if possible, try to get them within an inch or two.
  7. i bought a bunch of the same lights at walmart on sale for 5 buck each i use 3 of them for cloning ,,,,,cloning is not hard but you must find a method that works for you i used 3 different powders 1 gel and 3 different mediums found out that shultz take root was the best powder for me the only medium that worked was rockwool with a humidity dome ,,,,,i let them go for about a week ,week an a half them carfully tear the rockwool off the clones trying not to break to many roots and replant them into party cups (16oz) put them back in the humidity dome for another week ,,,after that i put them under the 400 watt mh (keeping them off to the sides and spraying them 2-3 times a day so they dont dry up)within 2-3 week they are ready to go under the agrosun and bud,,,,,,,,this is how i got it working for me but everyone is different and something else might work better for you also i keep the floros on 24hrs 400mh 18hrs and 400agrosun 12hrs ,,,,,,,,good luck
  8. i only take cutting about 4"-6" and i dont remove any leaves as they are how the plant gets energy to grow and i may lose 2 out of 15 good luck
  9. where can i buy "rock wool" ? Is it in a bag or what? Pricey? Seems like that is the stuff I prob need. The clone im trying right now is sort of a "trial run"

    Ill try to get the lights as close as possible, they throw virtually no heat.
  10. Oh yea. Well I figure its pretty much a no brainer for me to just grow a plant or two from seed under my lights. But my goal is to be able to produce a good 15-20 little clones to plant outside next May. I still grow from seeds, but this just sort of ups the % in my favor if I can get cloning to work for me.

    I have a killer spot outside. Must be some damn good soil or something. I planted a seedling about 2" tall the first week of June, gave it one dose of 12-12-12, topped it once, and its about 6' tall and huge like a christmas tree :) Full of buds.......gonna be lots of Widow on her.
  11. 98 cubes for about $12 there is a hydroponics shop in kazoo and lansing they will have what you need there or look on ebay i have seen them on there also good luck

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