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question for the truly seasoned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BlnkBoi182, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. i heard from a fairly reliable source that some chemical in marijuana stimulates the hormone part of your brain to produce opposite sex horemones, therefor making males more feminen and vise versa, have any of you males experienced say, slight breast enlargement? or even *GASP* penis size decrease? and have any of you ladies experienced uhm...increased body hir? or smaller breasts?? i was just wondering about this person's remark....since i realize this may be a touchy subject, and you wouldnt wanna post personal stuff, you can email me anonamously (sp?) at

    thanks thanks!!!
  2. I have just recently read that scientest have refute that theroy, the only way for men to grow brest is junk food from the munchies LoL
  3. *cough*full of shit*cough*
  4. yeah well i also heard that marijuana makes females breast larger, but a really dumb fuck friend who doesn't know a thing about dope told me that, i think he just said it because a girl i was going out with at the time was there. theres a lot of bullshit out there!
  5. this would be a good time for the infamous "men grow breasts" pic.. wish i could find it :D
  6. The only way guys will get boobies from marijuana is not because of what's in the plant, it's because of what's in the kitchen when they get the munchies.

  7. Yeah, what he said!!! LOL ;)
  8. Well, I've been getting high for over 15 years and my breasts have definitely not decreased in size and I know men who have been smoking forever who haven't experienced penile shrinkage (....I am laughing so hard right now...).

    Now, on the other hand, overgrowray may be onto something with what his "dumb fuck friend" said.
  9. yea, happened to this guy

    Attached Files:

  10. thank you, towater :D

  11. Nice Tits! :)
  12. well i started smoking around the time i hit puberty, no breasts here if anything i think it's helped my penis growth
  13. always glad to share pictures of men with breasts

    hopefully in a couple more years of pot smoking i can grow my own
  14. well, i'm very happy to report that after my years of smoking pot... i am still a dude. no breast growth, or penis reduction taking place here! lol
  15. ha ha nice pic, towater!!! :D nice tits!

    as a chronic smoker, i have seen no increase in hair, but the ladies have jumped a cup size. it's those damn munchies in the kitchen!! :eek: if i could only lock the whole room up.....
  16. um, hmm, hmm.

    now where the f'ck did those two damn inches go. It was f'n 8 inches, now its 6, f'cK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jus' f'n around, buh yea, thats the biggest bull I've ever heard.

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