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Question for the *true* potheads

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by G13, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. let's say it's summer. school got out, college break, whatever. you have 3-4 months ahead of you w/o drug tests and nothing to do but chief all day... how much do you smoke in a day? basically i'm saying, if nothing's holding you back, how much do you blaze up in a day? i'm wondering if i'm starting to push it. i'm @ about 2-2.5g a day right now (in college) and thinking "damn this is getting to be a lot!" the funny thing is though, i still have a 3.95 GPA, so i know it's not hurting anything. no worries on the ol' cognitive function, just habit/addiction worries. what are you guys smoking right now and/or during free time?
  2. I've been puffin' 11 years now, with no worries of a DT and my GPA in college was 3.87.

    So yea, nothing's ever held me back, and I puff maybe 1/8 a day. When I was younger it was more like 1/4 a day or so.
  3. ahh, ok, so i'm not completely alone here. anyone else in the same boat as us?
  4. Well... Im still in that time... i dont have to worry about any kind of DTs and nothings holding me back.

    So basically... when I'm in my blunt mood, I can go through a 1/2 a day (assuming i have it)

    If bowls... a 1/4.

    but i conserve =)
  5. Eh, however much it takes to get high. Im not gonna sit around puffin blunts all day if it doesnt get me high.
  6. Indeed
  7. In the summer we smoked schwag almost allllll the time (until i got a 1/4th of some Afghangooey).

    2-4 of us would always be smoking, and usually we would finish a half O in 4 hours or so. When i got my bong (R.I.P) we only smoked maybe 10 bowls a day.

    When I got my super dank shit, i finished the 1/4th in 3 days... It was roughly four bong bowls a day.
  8. its usually a blunt in the morning with two other friends-breakfast, chill at a park, go home, afternoonish go smoke down by the shore, before dinner blaze, late night blazing-not to mention all the times ive seen movies i smoke before i go.

    but ever since college started up again its been only after i get all my shit done
  9. I smoke like 2-3 a day, my friends dad is is in his 40s, he smokes and has a good job, my uncle in NY is 65, still works and smokes
  10. Without worries of DT's, and assuming I have the money, I've been known to go through an O a day or more... I smoke when it's convenient to do so... Before work, after work, before bed, before going out to the movies... Whenever... I like to smoke pot, lol. I wouldn't say I'm addicted. When I don't have it, I'm not freaking out or anything - I just don't blaze that day... But when I've got it, and no DT in the future, I smoke a bunch. I try to make a half O last me a week, though. Gotta be easy on the wallet, lol.
  11. I like to be high like all day... if i got it. ill just re-up on the last high just as soon as i come down.

    Donno how much it would add up to. me and like 2 other boys used to kill 1/4's with a 5 gram blunt and 2 jays in like 2 hours then re-up.
  12. i smoke about a gram a day. No hurries to smoke especially if i know its the last ill be able to get my hands on
  13. God only knows what I'd smoke if I had the cash but for now I keep it to an O every two weeks maybe an O and a 1/4 if its a bad week(or a good week depending how you look at it I guess).
  14. About a gram, a little more.
  15. 2, 2.5g a day is really nothing compared to a true pothead. thats like pretty much 60-70% of an 1/8. i know people who would smoke freaking quarters of dank a day.

    i personally right now would use about 0.7 grams a day. usually role a nice blunt with it, smoke 1/3 in the morning, then 1/3 after lunch, and then in the evening smoke the rest of it. but i keep my tollerance very low, so even though it seems small to you guys, it actually gets me pretty damn high :)
  16. I smoke an 8th a day so 2.5G's aint that bad dog. I know my tolerence is high but fuck it.
  17. i could smoke a lb in a day. i COULD. of dank yes, i love to smoke weed.

    About 4 months ago, when i wasnt trying to conserve anything, id smoke a 1/4 of dank a day.

    before that, when i had alot of money, id smoke like, a qp a week. or some shit.

    now, i generally smoke till im stoned. not high, stoned.

    I LIKE to smoke around 2 grams of dank a day. I think 2 grams of dank a day is the perfect amount. maybe 2.5.

    its enough for 2 fat blunts, or 4 cut in half wraps to conserve. or alot of bowls.

    I dont like smoking bowls unless im by myself.
  18. Werd :D

    When I was younger and had money, my sister and I used to go through an elbow every 2 weeks... We had nothing less than a QP on us at any given time, lol... Those were good times...

    Now I seem to be with the majority here... I smoke about 1-3 grams a day (depending on cash flow, how much weed I have left, etc.)... A blunt before work, one after, and maybe one before bed to ensure I don't wake up a million times throughout the night, lol... On the weekends, it's on though! Me and my friends have been known to kill a half in a single session...
  19. About 1.5 grams a day when I have it. A half O is about 14 grams and lasts me 10 days or so.

    If my supply is low, I moderate my meds. I smoke to relieve IBD pain and symptoms, mostly before/after meals.

    Lately I've been breaking out the vaporizer at night. Again I can vape all day, but I moderate it. Enough to feel the medicinal effects and a nice buzz...

    My tolerance is huge however :)


    PS I have a good job (ATM/DSLAM tech), am married, and have two wonderful kids :) So all the stereotypes our gov't likes to push just went out the window.
  20. Probably about 1.5 to 2 grams a day... I feel a lot better about my habit after reading this thread haha. I don't think I could ever smoke more than an eighth in a day... I like to smoke, then ride it out and actually do something instead of just sit around and smoke smoke smoke all day.

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