Question for the stoner girls.

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  1. So, as a "stoner girl", do you feel you are taken as seriously as your male counterparts in the way of smoking? Or would you say that when you meet people and the topic of smoking comes up, that there is certain judgement passed upon you?
    I was curious because I know I have been to parties where guys think that if they throw some kill my way they will score. I remember at one party this guy invited me to smoke with him and he was all like "Now be careful babe, this shit is pretty good". Then when I told him it was okay and that I generally smoked medical grade he laughed in my face and asked me if that is what my boyfriend told me.
    So tell me, do you generally feel respected as a stoner lady or not? Why or why not?

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  2. Nah, I don't feel different. Only time I feel weird is getting from someone new and feeling skimped... but I usually ask them to weight it in front of me.

    I don't feel like people look down on me for smoking. I do everything I need to do, I'm a productive member of society. So if they have a problem with me because I smoke they r probably sticks in the mud and very judgemental. I wouldn't be around those kind of people.

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  3. I feel like I get respected equally, but I hang around nice people and I feel that I come off very knowledgeable on the topic

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  4. I'm a closet smoker but I'd have no problem smoking anyone out if they're down :)

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  5. Me too for the most part. It's mainly when I end up at a party around randoms, but I suppose that is to be expected.

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  6. i've been blessed to be exposed to some pretty cool people, for the most unwanted advances, no patronizing attitudes...
    course,being able to out-smoke most of them helps with the respect bit ^_^ especially when they green out and I'm still going like the Energizer bunny
  7. Nope, I'm better than 90% of boys anyway.
  8. Wait I thought it was known that if I smoke a girl on a 5 dollar joint she pretty much has to.....

    If I smoke her on a 10 dollar joint then she's my girlfriend and it's official on Facebook. 
  9.  nah i dont feel different & ill smoke with anyone.. :bongin:
  10. Depends on who I'm smoking with. If it's with a bunch of douchebags I just met and aren't normally around me then hell yeah I'm disrespected. It's stupid and pure ignorance on their behalf. It's one of those things I just except and say the hell with it.

    *sparks blunt*
  11. There's this one girl I smoke with and I think I like toking with her more than my guy friends. She's always so laid back and easy to get along with. But I dont like being high with her around larger groups because in a crowd she's the "I'm so high" girl, but alone or with close friends she's one of the guys pretty much
  12. I just think stoner chicks are cool aha I'm pretty sure that's all guys think..
  13. When I'm with his friend and his girlfriend they're basically both my bros in my eyes. I don't really treat her different than him. They're both rad.
  14. Depends if they're just girls that get stoned, or #stonergurl omg so high right now haha #420 bitches. The latter usually get ignored and really get on my nerves.

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  15. i've had situations before where a guy wanted me to take a dab and when i took it all and didn't cough he said "damn, most girls cough like a bitch!" no dude, you just gave me a small dab!
  16. NO DISRESPECT AT ALL, but i.find that girls really do tend to cough alot while smoking, nbd though just gotta keep water on hand

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  17. Well I was reminded of this story when you said that lol. One time we were down in my friends basement rippin some bongs and one guy challenged the only girl there to a bong rip contest. She blew his ass out of the water after you could tell he was pretty damn confident about winning! xD Ahh good times. She didn't even cough eaither, he on the other hand bout busted a lung. But other than that everytime theres a girl in our circle their treated the same as a guy. That guy just happened to be a sexist asshole(or confident in his bong rippin abilities one or the other lol). No reason for special treatment imo. And if they're the "omg im sooo high right meow" type thennn we usually don't let them in the circle lol same goes for guys that are like this. So if you're chill then come join the damn circle! Lol
  18. I can usually ghost a huge gravity bong hit, my guy friends can't even come close.
  19. It's all about how you look. If you look like a stoner chick then no judgement will be passed. However if a girl who could possibly be saying she's a stoner just for attention was around me I'd want to see her hit a bong or talk to her about real stoner stuff before I believed her.

    I do the exact same with guys.
    Remember that the herb doesn't discriminate.
    Only stupid man-child types discriminate because, well their own stupidity really. Don't let people like that ruin your buzz  :smoking:
    As for the people here saying that girls cough more or can't handle their stuff.. no. That's lightweights who don't have a high tolerance (yet). Don't be that person who laughs at/bitches about the newbie. We were all there at one point.
    There's enough people who already hate stoners, we should support each other.. not discriminate against each other. 

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