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  1. 1. What Should My Soil (FFOF) To Per-lite Ratio Be if I'm Planting Directly Into The Ground?

    2. Whats The Rule Of Thumb For When To Start Using Fertilizer For Your Plants?

    3. Whats The Rule Of Thumb For When To Water And How Much To Water Being Plants Will Be Directly In The Ground?
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    Q2 - 2 weeks after germination.
    Q3 - Water when your plants need it. This will vary by your region, season, stage of growth, and soil content. It may be once a week or once every 2 days. Just keep an eye on them. I would suggest maybe 2 gallons each plant, but again this will vary based on your soil etc.
  3. outside in dry regions use 20% perlite

    use veg ferts about 3 weeks into the grow the natural nutrients in fox farm will be plenty for a while

    watering when they are in the ground you can water a lot without having to worry about to much I usually use about 1 gal in early summer all the way up to 3-5 gallons in fall.. try water absorbing crystals they work and help u from having to bring water. Use a big trash bag and leave the bottom open put this inside your dug hole it will stop the water from going out of the range of the plant and stop other plants from sucking. also put mulch at top of soil it will help from sun sucking the moisture during hot days
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