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  1. I'm pretty young and don't really know shit about life, and this has been bothering me pretty bad for a while now. Anyways, iv been smoking for the past six years, (part of mid school and all of high school) and thinking back I havnt met a single person that smokes that isn't either an idiot or a total jerk. Normally I wouldn't give a rats ass about anyone but me, but it's hard hanging out with people who don't smoke and even my girlfriend can get bad about judging me because I'm a pot head.

    I guess my question for those experienced in life is, have you met a single person that smokes that dosnt act like a total moron or is nice in anyway? I feel really singled out, it seems like I'm the only person that smokes that has a brain....

    Manacles :smoke:
  2. idk man, i know a ton of ppl that smoke and are normal, likeable ppl
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    What? Some of my toking buddies are 'nerds'. I think the problem is these people don't make it known they're potheads, because others around them have high expectations.

    Most people I know that smoke are nice though -- actually I don't really surround myself with mean people. You need to make new friends or some shit. I'm really surprised you don't know any responsible/intelligent/nice smokers.

  4. depends on what you mean by a brain...i know some very smart tokers, and some not so smart ones, just like with non tokers....

    it sounds to me like you are beating yourself up for smoking more than anything, and just relying it onto others who smoke instead...just how it looks from what i read.

    you say you smoked for six years, and onlyyouhave a brain out of all youknow who smoke so...if you are right, then you know from experience that not all people who smoke are jerks or stupid...if you are wrong then you too are one fo those you are speaking about.
  5. I know very few people who smoke that are assholes really.

    Most of the stoners I know are really good people. Most of the tools grow out of smoking, as they just do it becuase they wanna look cool. Then they make the macho, "Yeah I had to kick that stuff" announcment.

    so no need to worry.
  6. think you just attract assholes.
  7. I'm not really an older toker. I've smoked regularly which means 5-10 days every month for about three years. Anyway, I know people who are chill to smoke with. But I do know people who turn into total assholes. You know, you never know a person fully before you've been puffin' with that person. And that's true. I got a smoking group here where I live and when we're all together and smoke some of them turn into complete assholes. It's so annoying. They don't really become assholes, but they can't just sit back and chill. They always gotta talk about stupid shit and fucking around. Like an example, Sama and Henning always start to play fight. It's fucking hilarious, but from time to time it gets annoying.

    Then again, my best homie, Mostafa, is so chill to smoke with. He's exactly like me when we smoke. We just want to chill and talk about stuff or just chill and watch a movie. Neither og us get all hyped up when we've smoked.
  8. All my friends toke
  9. Man, if you think like that it means YOU'RE the jerk.

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