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Question for the OFFFs, nubbin and possibly Digit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Switch, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. Hash/Honey Oil. Right I have one question. How d'ya think I should make some. I'm getting some top quality bud in a while and I want to turn a very small amount into a very small amount of hash oil. Do I go for the "heat it and press it" shit or does the alcohol/butane method work well? I am not well versed in these matters and the only ones I am going to ask about this directly are the OFFFs and Nubbin and Digit (as they are the two most scientificaly minded I have seen on the city...)

    Help much appreciated...

  2. All I can tell you my little pommie buddy is that the alcohol butane method is very dangerous and highly flammable. I do not recommend that you attempt that method because you may burn off your eyebrows and a happy pig without eyebrows is an ugly sight. ;)

    Just get drunk and smoke it up. It's what you are going to do anyway. ;)
  3. yer but large balls of fire are fun...
  4. YEAH...they are fun...until they are around your FACE!
  5. That's when they are most fun. You don't have to shave OR get a hair cut on the front of your head- think about it...
  6. i like my hair i don't think i'd want to loose it for some hash.... or would i.... i'd cut my hair off for like a pound of hash but no less. I love my hair.
  7. Make some bubble hash instead. safer and probably more powerfull...

    .... and i don't actually know how to make honey oil.
  8. I love my hair, too, so I would stay away from the whole fire thing.

    But I did find a link to some kind of thread somewhere with some interesting info on the honey oil thing. I learned a few things so I thought I'd add it.

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