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Discussion in 'General' started by HuckabeeJellyDickATM, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. All are welcome to post because you could have girlfriends, but to the other bladettes will bandz truly make you dance, or is that just an urban legend? :confused_2:

  2. Uh, what? And what?
  3. No, money doesn't make me shake my ass. 
  4. i'm not sure i understand the question lol
    look up the song bandz a make her dance
    would a creepy post do it?
  7. My ears! They're bleeding! That is NOT music!
  8. if she a ratchet
    are you still in the hospital? i made this thread in the hopes you would comment :yay:
  10. I was able to come home with a PICC line :)
  11. I guess I'm rachet cause....
  13. "You say no to rachet bitches juciy jay cain't"
    -Juicy Jay
    Semi random but w/e
  14. Bands as in groups of musicians? If so then yeah I dance at shows. Bands as in rubber bands for holding money then no I just pity the fool who can't afford a wallet.
  15. You're easy to please.
  16. Some say no to shaking that ass but train under water caint lol
  17. Well the thing is, they're throwing wads of money at a time. So it's assumed that it's a lot of money being thrown around.
  18. you disqualified, bruh you disqualified... 
  19. haha 
    this lovely lady cain't either

    haha I can't afford a wallet to hold all my money. What is that like irony or something?

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