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  1. ..and guys I guess.. but more than likely a difference in opinion. Ladies, if your boyfriend or husband ever told you that he had a dream you cheated on him.. and you never did, would you feel offended or defensive? I never suspected my girl was cheating.. but whenever I hear about cheating, it doesn't surprise me.. we are animals after all. So really, I wouldn't be surprised if she did. Anyway, she's told me several times about how she had a dream about me where I was being an asshole.. even one where I cheated on her. I haven't, yet.. but I laughed it off cause it was funny, asked if the dream girl was hot. So anyway.. I told her about my dream and she goes on the defensive.. saying how I must not think much of her subconsciously or that I am letting my insecurities get to me.. a bunch of ranting. I'm just like.. da fuck, it was just a dream. Dreams only have meaning if you give them meaning.. but when I think about it, why would someone get butt hurt over that if it isn't true? Or close to true? I am taking a break from weed.. and whenever I do, I have crazy dreams and just chalked it up to that.
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  2. I'm my boyfriend's first serious and long term relationship. In the beginning, he told me he had dreams that I cheated on him. We talked about it, and it turns out he was just a bit insecure because he used to not trust girls before me. That's it. We just talked about it, I assured him that I love him and would never do that, and that was the end of it. I don't see what there is to fight about.
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  3. Well I don't really feel insecure.. I mean, between the 2 of us, we've had close to 100 partners. To me, you can't really expect much in terms of loyalty from someone who has had over 20 partners.. myself included. Doesn't mean people like that can't be loyal, but I would never expect it. In my head.. it was just a dream. I've had dreams where I've murdered people.. but never have. I've had some really fucked up dreams.. especially early on when I take a break from smoking weed before I go to sleep.

    I was never even suspicious or thought she was cheating on me.. I just felt like the reaction was unwarranted. Plus, early on in our relationship.. she lied about something small from before we were together.. and I knew it was a lie.. but she would always say stuff like 'I can't lie' and 'I suck at lying', and then it was confirmed she lied. That put a stop to the 'I can't lie' bullshit, but her reaction to my dream felt like a preemptive strike like when she said she can't lie. I mean really.. there is no reason to get offended by a person's dream in my opinion.
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  4. Exactly, her reaction was really odd. Which is my point, that her blowing it out of proportion might be telling.
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  5. This AM, my girlfriend said "I hope you dont get fired" in reply to me saying I had a dream I got fired from a new job... No reason to think I would, nothing, but she acted as if it was a premonition... If I had explained the dream she wouldn't have thought it, but I didn't have the time before she left for work.
    I will likely fuck up what I am trying to say, but that is semi expected haha.

    Ill say this, some folks heed dreams more than others, as premonitions and messages and some folks seem to me to be feeling guilty or have a tick that can be roused by ideas that then weigh on their conscious, and I've found, its usually because of something... I can try an explain better if that clusterfuck is not clear.
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  6. You know I had stopped taking my Ritalin, and started using CBD oil, it would take awhile to explain everything all of the meds that I am on but, after using the oil, I slept all night, not something I have done in years, and the first night I had this dream that the hot water heater had blew up in the garage, I could see it as plan as day and when I woke up, it felt so real, and vivid that I actually thought it had happened. I had to go to the garage and look. The next day I dozed off in the afternoon, and woke up when it was getting dark. I had dreamed someone had came to my door, very real, I mean real and kept me occupied by talking some strange shit, but while they had me at the door, their friends broke in at a window and stole over half of my prescription pain meds. It was so real that I thought it had happened and was paralyzed for a few minutes and then looked in my box and all my bottles where there. Before I checked I was in a panic, I was thinking how can I explain this? I will not be able to and I will be out before I go back to doctor, god what pain I was going to be in. I keep them in a safe most of the time. Well, I finally unfroze myself and opened the box and they were all there! it was weird, do you think it was the CBD oil? you do not have to answer, I just thought I would tell you my dreams.
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  7. Yeah.. dreams can be crazy, and I do try to pay attention to them some.. depending on the content. To me, dreams are part of your brain.. picking and plugging different things together to make some fit and hope it makes sense. I've dreamt that I called off work or they called me to tell me to not come in.. then I get a phone call the next day asking where I am at. I had a dream before that was so vivid.. it was a UFO attempting and failing to abduct me. It was so crazy cause in my dream, I woke up and walked out and then back up to bed and when I woke up for real, I was where I was at when I went back to sleep. The only reason I knew it was a dream is because in the dream, I opened my fresh pack of cigarettes and when I woke up, they were still sealed. So I don't discredit dreams.. but her on the other hand.. she tends to lean towards dreams being premonitions and ESP of sorts. So I could see her taking some offense.. but not as much as she did. Even if you believe dreams are something special and intuitive, I can't see taking offense to someone else's dream.. but that might just be me.
  8. Good thought but about a UFO.....This is a true story. When I was in high school, I worked at a Holiday Inn restaurant. It was around Christmas time, I was driving home, and I lived in a place that had lots of hills and curvy roads, well as I was driving, about 16 or 17 years old, I saw these red lights 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom or maybe it was 6 and 6, it was up in the air, about two football fields from my car when I saw it. Each light was a single light, they were red, and they just hovered there, I had to pull off of the road. It was freaking me out. I kept starring at the lights that did not move, did not change and were perfectly apart. I was sure it was a UFO, but then as I sat there I noticed that it was the turn in the road and a house sat up on that hill, it was so dark you could not see the hill, and then I remember there was a big house up there, I felt sooooooo relieved and yet dumb but I really thought I had seen or was seeing the first UFO. I do not know why I thought that someone would believe me or what stopping on the side of the road was going to do, but I think I was scared at the time. It's funny now, but I can still see those lights. LOL
  9. Your girl is a hoe bro

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  10. Nah I wouldn't get mad. Its just a dream and he knows I would never do that in real life. I'm not the type of woman who cheats.
  11. Oh the Subconscious Mind... Happy Dreaming!
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  12. No, I wouldn't get mad. Dreams can be really bizarre sometimes, doesn't mean they are always true.
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  13. Yeee. That's what's up. My old lady's pregnant pregnant dreams and pregnant hormones lol if she said I cheated on her in her dreams I still got to fix the shit bro lol this shits crazy

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  14. Yeah it kind of makes it seem like she really does have something to hide. Otherwise why get so defensive?
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  15. Well we talked about it and she wasn't really upset when we did.. but I am still cautious. She is rather sensitive, doesn't take criticism well.. and when I told her about my dream, it was through a text and rather detailed, probably over detailed. When we talked about it after though, I didn't feel like anything is off.. and I like to think I can tell when something is off. Since then though, I've had a few more crazy dreams. Pretty much any night I go to sleep without getting high before.. and sleep on my left side, I get some crazy dreams. I had a dream I was banging her sister and she was ok with it.. and a dream that we beat a dog up together.. a dream where I was riding a war elephant from LotR.. and a dream where I started my own doggie daycare and ran it in a unique way.. and I am actually thinking about trying it how my dream said.

    For the most part.. I am going to chalk it up to the sonic boom of weird dreams when you stop smoking before you go to sleep. This has been the first time in a loooong time that I haven't been getting high before going to sleep.. and last time, the crazy dreams were enough to make me start smoking again, but Ima stick it out this time. Her and I are basically both sluts with emotional detachments.. and I think if one of us fooled around and knowing our personal history, would be honest about it. I know I would be.
  16. make love not war
    drop acid not bombs
  17. IDK, I am loyal and can't even cheat in my dreams, I feel the same moral conflict that I would in awake state of being.
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  19. My one ex had dreams of me cheating, and was upset when I laughed off the notion of prophetic dreams. Then she continued to believe in her prophetic dreams and used that as an excuse to scour my phone during the middle of the night. That was fun to wake up to.

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