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  1. No, its not another "my dick is huge because internet" thread.

    I've noticed that many times, the guys that are considered attractive by females also have hair thats straight as an arrow. I myself have pretty curly, wavy hair that I've never been happy with, as it resists every attempt to comb or style. Straight hair looks better IMO as its more uniform. So anyway ladies, do you prefer dead straight hair that can be styled or that curly hair that has a mind of its own?

    just as an example: brad pitt, george clooney, etc, all have very straight hair.
  2. i think it depends on the girl. my preference for women is straight black hair

    however, my hair gets very curly. so i get it buzzed with a shape-up, usually 3 on top with 2 on the sides and thin sideburns. women seem to like it. its very clean
  3. I like all hairstyles and colors, except crazy hairdos and unnatural dyes. My boyfriend is blonde and has straight hair for the most part. I used to have a thing for fros in highschool.
  4. I don't really have a preference. I actually kinda prefer wavy I think. I just don't really like blondes. Or dudes with shaved heads.
  5. i have really thick wavy hair, i always get compliments on it from lady folk.
  6. I always kept my hair short and "spiky" or styled or whatever. High school I switched and let it grow out and my hair got curly and super wavy, kinda mop top "Jew Fro" as some people call it lol. Now I'm kinda back to the straight clean cut look. I think if your style looks good on you and you're confident about it, women will dig it. I wouldn't relax your hair or anything like that just because you think girls like straight hair more, but that's just me
  7. I really don't care either way.. half the guys I've dated have had straight and the other half have had curly.

    My boyfriend has curly hair. I like it. He's going for dreads... I really like that :devious:
  8. thanks. guess I was just curious.
  9. It all depends on the guy, some guys look great with straight hair and some look good with curly hair. :)
  10. um I loooooooooove guys with curly hair and I could name a billion girls I know who do as well
  11. Bald, long, short, curly, blonde, black, whatever. If you're hot, you're hot. I really can't say I have s preference but I do love beards : )
  12. I shave my head because I'm horrible with hairstyles, and that middle length between long and short always makes me feel retarded.

    Women, can I also ask a favor?

    Can you post pics of which hairstyles you think look good and maybe some you think look bad, so you can give us men some perspective.
  13. [​IMG]



    This is the beautiful and talented Michael Pitt.
  14. I prefer no hair, bald. But I wont base someone's attractiveness on their hair.
  15. Hair is hair is hair or no hair. It's the head.
  16. Noooo curly hair is the sexiest on men!

    I love long curly crazy hair on men..
    think Jim morrison, Robert plant, Bob dylan etc..
  17. I like curly and wavy. I'm not a big fan of pin straight hair on men or women.
  18. I'm guilty of straightening my hair. Its a tangled mess when I dont. This dude has my exact hair, if I were to grow it out to that length.

  19. I don't think so.. in my experience, it's always been guys with big curly hair that get girls asking to touch it. Straight hair is boring.
  20. I really like long hair on guys no matter the wave pattern. But over all, as long as it is presentable I dont really care.

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