Question for the ladies on here.

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. how do you feel about these soft dudes like....emotional men who cry over shit that's the best description i could give and i also included a picture of what type of person i mean.

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  2. Women say they want an emotional guy. Yet every time they come across one they make fun of him, go get abused by some overly testosterone ridden douche then cry about it wishing they could find a good guy.

  3. i mean.......being a guy and being emotional doesnt work together imo thats why im asking this because im a regular dude if me and a girl have to talk seriously ill talk seriously but i have never cried over a female....i never chase females...and i don't be trying to save these hoes.
  4. If a guy starts crying, I'm out. It makes me feel uncomfortable. That doesn't mean I like assholes.
  5. that dude looks like a pussy
  6. Life is goin' to strike that poor kid down one day.

    I haven't cried yet, I'm sure it is possible...But I'm yet to come across something so powerful.:cool:

  7. So males aren't allowed to have emotions? What if a family member just died or something.
  8. I don't want to date a guy who is over emotional over little shit, or blows something WAY out of line, or crys too much.

    But if its resonable shit, likkkkeee a dog died, or some kindve animal, I get hurt bad, a love one is dying, etc. Then yessss, guys showing all of their emotions is a good thing, just not dramatic shit.

    And call me a crazy gal, but I kind've like when a guy is an asshole, to an EXTENT, likkke not towards me in a harsh way, in a sarcastic way/ jokingly way is fine.

    If he's an asshole to girls who try hitting on him, makes it ten times hotter...

    This is just my 2 cents :smoke:
  9. men are only allowed to cry about a family member/friend/dog dying...other than that no men cant have emotions.

  10. All women love assholes. That's why I decided to stop treating females with respect and become a womanizer.
  11. [ame=]Eminem - Superman (Uncensored) [HQ] - YouTube[/ame]
  12. "Darkness is my only friend" crying, or crying from listening to Enya crying?

    There's a difference.
  13. It's funny cause I have the same necklace as the guy in the picture, does that make me a pussy?

  14. Only if you have matching earrings too
  15. [quote name='"Cloud10Beats"']men are only allowed to cry about a family member/friend/dog dying...other than that no men cant have emotions.[/quote]

    This :p no crying emotions. "Not aroouuund people man. You can't cry here. Go in the bathroom or something." That's what one of my best guy friends said to another guy friend. It made me giggle.
    Tears of joy are ok. As long as he doesn't get over dramatic with it.
  16. I'm not really sure what the question is.

    I'm fine with emotional dudes. Emotional people in general. But obviously some people can be too emotional.

    As far as the dude in the picture... yeah, not my type at all. And probably way too young anyway. :laughing:

    The sign itself? "All a girl needs is someone to save them"? Fuck that. I don't need anyone to "save" me. :poke:

  17. Agreed, they can deny it all they'd like but it's true.

  18. Women, much like men, aren't all the same though. ;)

    I don't like assholes. I'm married to a very much not-an-asshole. :p
  19. A guy who doesn't treat me with respect, gets none in return. Just a polite "fuck off, dick."
  20. To be honest, I like guys to open up to me. But sometime, they get too attached. It's like you're all they have and they get really clingy. But I love them.

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