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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by adamBC, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. just wondering if anyone here has ever caught \"themselves\" in their zipper?

    I have to say i\'ve done it twice! AHH!! Actually both were pretty minor. one was a little pinch of mr.ding dong.

    the other actully drew blood from my nut sack! :O Owie!!
  2. holy crap man ive dont that shit before

    one time the nuts in the zipper yeah i drew blood

    fuck that hurt, but just have some hottie suck on them and they will feel much better
  3. my boy had a wooden toilet seat crash down on his willy, shoulda heard me trying to explain that one to the pedritition....3 years old and he had a purple penis for almost a month...oooch
  4. *shudders*

    uugh, you just brought back some PAINFUL memories. Yah, I\'ve done it before. Is there any worse feeling in the world??

    ...And for the ladies, who might never have the oppurtunity to experience such an exhilarating sensation: Imagine your clitoris...

    ...being stung by a wasp. Yah....that would do it.
  5. AHHH!!

    good thing all the sex crazy bees died in the big freeze of \'68.
  6. you sure it was 68.. i dont think they all died, all hornets and wasps want my blood this year.. but i dont think its fer sex...but their everywhere!!!
  7. *trying desperately to block the memories.* :eek:
  8. I too have been unlucky enough to have that happen.

    It\'s a terrible thing!!
  9. nope, not me, ive heard bout people have... so im really careful evere.. every time
  10. AHHH!! BURN WANG!!

    thats just brutal zd... hahaha.

    I never knew so many guys had taken the such a wangalical beating.
  11. Rotflmao... A fishing hook? That\'s a painful mental picture! :D
  12. it happend twice to somebody ?... how can that be?

    I mean it happend to me once when I woz like è7 or 8, but it hurt so much that i make sure t never happens again...
  13. both happened as a young boy, and both involved peeing in places i shouldnt be peeing and pulling a quick ZIP up.

    never a good idea.

    take your time.

    your sack will thank you
  14. This thread brings back that horrible image inblazened into my head from Something About Mary... Luckily I\'ve never caught my junk in the zipper, and I hope I never will...
  15. Ahhhhhhh yes. The high cost of \"free-balling\". I had an old pair of work pants that were viciuos \"nut/foreskin munchers\".

    The most hellish part isn\'t zipping it up in there, it\'s having to zip back down over it to free it. I can feel them shrinking up as I type.
  16. one time in seventh grade my friend was walking on this ledge that was about four feet high. it was really icy because it was like the middle of winter, and he slipped and sort of tore his penis on the edge of it. he had to get 7 stitches.

    just the thought of doing that makes me want to cry.
  17. i got the tip once. ouch.
  18. I also had a bad experience with heat. At a party the power went out, and I used my lighter to light my way to the bathroom. When I got there I still had the lighter in my hand, and when I took \"it\" out, the searing hot metal piece at the top of the bic came into contact with the \"tip\". To add insult to injury, the inhuman howl unleashed by me brought everyone rushing to see what happened. Imagine explaining this to a bunch of your drunk friends, and showing your girlfriend the blister later while telling her sex might not be an option.
  19. hahaahhaha... oh the memories, just a slight catch, not blood but i thought \"ha, what a cliche\" and then the pain hit in fully... oh god the pain!
  20. when you have a sensitive area exposed and potentially harmful things around it.. things get messy and sore

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