question for the girls (not nasty)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SmokeDog21, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. what physical attractions on guys do girls get turned off by??
  2. no comment.

    lol. sry I had to!!!!!!! :D :p :p :p
  3. Lol, thats funny. :D

  4. lotsa hair and big ears. lol

  5. Ditto.
  6. Stale B.O. or greasy/dirty hair (any or all of it) and bad breath.
    As far as I\'m concerned, as long as he has the self respect to bathe/brush regularly, he already has points with me.
    \"Looks\" are the last thing I see in a guy. Fat, boney, hunched, lame, ears like a hound, nose fit for Mt. Rushmore, bald as a baby or hairier than Robin Williams lol. Or all of the above.
    Then, it all hinges on his degree of jerkism. Those with a lower occurrence of this unavoidable side effect of testosterone may be concidered to be approaching emotional maturity. (A truely rare condition to be found in physically mature males! Go figure.) These guys may present a certain amount of potential, and are often able to learn from their jerk-ups. Those who are consistantly jerks, have not yet left the post-pubescence of early teenhood, whatever their chronological age.
    The potentially worthwhile male companion will become more and more attractive if he displays some sense and a sense of humor. He may turn out to be a valuable friend, or an amusing aquaintence. You might miss out if you are negatively influenced by their appearance. But you can\'t try if his smell is offensive.

  7. Then you\'ll defo like Boss\'s afro pubes LOL:D

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