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Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by RecStoner, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Girls, does it turn you on to watch a guy jerk off?

    Do you like when he cums all over you or just jerks off all over himself?
  2. with my first boyfriend, i couldn't comprehend the act of "jerking off" so i made him do it in front of me hahahahahahaaa. that was the only time ever, i sorta just think it's creepy now...

    and i'd prefer if he came on me, like on my leg or butt or boobs or something. not on the face though. thats just not right...
  3. I loooove watching a guy jerk off. I like being come on. I've done facials and it's annoying
  4. honestly i couldnt care less. except maybe that its funny
  5. I love watching a guy jerk off. Its a real turn on. And I also love being came on, like on my tits. I haven't had a facial... its on my sexual bucket list though.

    I haven't seen a guy cum on his self but id like to. Something new to add to my sexual bucket list.
  6. My wife actually likes when she blows me and then I finish by jerking and likes it on her face.

    She is not in to swallowing or in the mouth, doesn't like the taste.

    I was really wondering since this turns her on, so I figured I'd ask.

  7. I think it's kinda hot when my guy does it.
    We masturbate together sometimes, so that energy is always productive haha.
  8. Apparently a lot of guys are getting stuck with chicks that don't even like to teabag those same girls like for you to roll them over and ream them out with a tongue hmmmmm .......just sayin.........
  9. I find it to be really awkward lol.
  10. I think its cute. I like watching his facial expressions
  11. I think it is so damn hot to watch a guy jerk off...and I love he blows on me. Not on the face, though. Never on the face!(I'm not a porn star) and like highchick said, it is fun to watch him while doing it myself.

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