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  1. Hi all
    I am wondering if anyone here has re-vegged after harvest. Ive seen mixed reviews on this but i am looking for some advanced growers opinions. I have a bakers dozen of some hearty super silver haze that was scrogged and has hearty stems. Im going to harvest soon and need to make a decision about revegging them. My question is how is yield affected the second time around, is it faster to harvest a second time, and is quality of product affected, and any other pertinent info. I appreciate your time. Below are pics of crop going to be harvested and plants im considering revegging. [​IMG] 1515251064292.jpg 1515251088816.jpg

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  2. I’ve revegged plenty of plants when I was younger and I won’t do it again unless I find a super phenomenon I simply don’t have clones for or an emergency arises and I need to do it for whatever reason.

    Yes, it will work but you won’t harvest what you originally did and it will take twice as long - hell, it’ll take 3-4 weeks before you even see sign of them reverting back to Veg.

    Don’t waste your time unless it’s absolutely necessary to do so.

  3. It's better to start from a cutting or seed in almost every instance.

    I'm aware of some large scale producers in Washington state that experiment with this technique because it allows them to save on time and labor. There's nothing really in it for added quality though.
  4. I was hoping it would save some time but it doesnt sound like it. The crop i did of super silver haze was a nice yielder and smoke was smooth. But it took a long time to flower. 12.5 weeks. I was intrigued by the idea of saving some of that time but i dont want to lose quality.

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  5. I'm not an advanced grower but I have read in to this a bit and seen other skilled growers do/discuss this.

    From what I have gathered revegging absolutely works and is the method used for "monster cropping" monster crops create a plethora of branches that are mostly colas but slightly smaller than lst and topping colas.

    It's best to do with rooted clones from flowering plants but can be done with leftover stumps and branches. It is MUCH slower from vege to flower but the results are quite crazy.

    Monster Cropping Cannabis: About A New Technique to Increase Yields and Efficiency - Royal Queen Seeds - RQS Blog

    Check that article out

    Here's an example

    "Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin'
    Tossed salad and scrambled eggs.."
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  6. I have reveged a few times and it works great infact my yield was about 300grams of dried bud more than the first harvest , I do however find that the stems don’t grow as fat and strong and don’t hold up the buds they flop around every where you definitely need a net to help support also the buds don’t get any where near as big but you do harvest more ..[​IMG]
    This is a pic of a reveg I have done

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  7. I'm just starting to get some regrowth. Alot of white pistols then bushy leaf patches. I'm not sure I trimmed enough out of some of my ladies. I left alot of the loose airy buds at bottom of plants.

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  8. Update- The reveg seems to have worked. I have a good amount of new growth. To get the plants really growing I added bat guano and blood meal together for a double shot of nitro. It's taken a couple weeks to get the plants back to a daily growth. The leaf rounding is almost gone now and normal leafs are forming. I think the worst part of the reveg is the not knowing if it's going to work. Once you start seeing the new growth it helps though. I did not change out all of my soil but did mix in cocco and organic seed boosters and topped with organic mulch. Plants seem good. 1520775083897.jpg 1520775099909.jpg

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  9. So , your going to reveg these plants and reflower then also? Interesting. I’ve always wondered how that would go. It just seems to me that it would take a while to get them vegged to size after being flowered. Seems kinda counter productive

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  10. Ya I'm going to flower them again soon. I kept about a foot off my buckets when I chopped them after the first harvest so shoots started growing out at the one foot mark. I will say the growth is considerable per day now. I did increase my light by adding another 1000hps . The original grow had a single ended 1000hps only for 12 ladies in a 5x4 scrog which in my opinion one light for that area is to small. The harvest on the first grow was 1220 of dried good bud and another 300 of airy crap that I put out cheap. I had a large drop off of good bud on outer edges of scrog from having only one hps. This time I added a second In tandem with same number of plants. The root and stalk of plants seems very strong and large in diameter. I will snap some photos for review

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  11. Updated photos of reveg. Plants are looking better. Still a bit Frankenstein but better 1521752860925.jpg 1521752878139.jpg 1521752895473.jpg 1521752917324.jpg

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    Nice grow. By revegging are you talking about putting the full plant back into veg or take clones?

    I do something called monster cropping, this is taking clones from a flowering plant. There are pros and cons to doing this and taking from a normal vegging plant is faster. The later you take a clone in flower the more issues that can arise.

    The later you take in the flower the more chance you risk for hemies. There is also a lower chance of rooting plants the more later flowering is, like asking a speeding card to stop and reverse. The flowering hormone takes time to switch from flowering to vegging.

    When you are revegging, make sure to leave the light on 24/7 and do not make it intense light. You need to focus on having the plant not only to switch it’s hormons back also to build its roots. Having intense light encourages canopy growth so keep it more dim.

    You are going to see a different kind of plant when you do this. The plant will become very branchy, so topping really isn’t needed mostly just lst. And the new growth will be strange as well. I added some pictures to try and show the growth.

    I like to monster crop so my 4x4 cloning tent isn’t a jungle by the time I pull them out to flower. My thoughts on the subject.

    13FD2641-6AD4-4773-87F3-C7CABA57E9F0.jpeg 98B9BE45-A79C-4374-866C-20D4724DFB37.jpeg 68894D6E-267C-40E6-BA34-8D9BEBD700B4.jpeg
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  13. Im putting the entire plant back into veg and then forcing new growth on the original plant. I was able to keep the entire root structure this way and the main stalk diameter. Basically after harvest I kept all the airy lower buds on , after that I left plant in 12-12 for 2 weeks. Then I added nutes to soil heavy in nitro. Flipped lights back to 18-6. Now after a few weeks I have lush green plants again with normal leaves and thick stalks. I scrog so normally my table is 18" above pots but with this grow I'm putting it to 22 to allow all plants to catch up and grow even at canopy.
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    Wish you luck on this, I feel it’s going to be to have it’s own set of challenges. You have them in the same container and soil that you vegged/flowered them in for months? I did read you added some coco , but wasn’t clear. If your roots was already full grown in those 5 gallon buckets(based on your pictures they should have strong roots) and asking it to keep making more for another 3-4 months, I think your going to be out of room.

    Just a side note, the plant doesn’t veg because there is more nitrogen the soil. Same is true for growers who flip the lights on day 1 to 12/12 and start to add in their bloom nutes :)

    Hope you keep up the long love to read it and see how it turns out. Your pictures above looked very nice, best luck on this next one.
  15. Ya I basically took out half the soil and added 60 percent new with extra nitro for the lower half I didn't change out. I use blood meal , bat guanno, and algea meals. Twice normal dosage 1 time to initiate reveg and to help soil. I will snap some new pics tonight. The reveg has worked and now plant growth is back to normal with an inch or two of new growth a day. I'm planning to stay in veg another 2 weeks then attempt to reflower. Everything seems to be going well now and plant root structure seems ok. Will attach photos tonight.
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  16. You put some good thought into it, hope you make a log of it, like to watch.
  17. I have a written journal but I can put something together. I checked on the ladies tonight and they are getting better. I have to cut some of the taller plants back a bit to let the smaller ones catch up. I added some zip ties tonight to force a V shape to the scrog and to manage the bushiness of the plants. So far things seem to be progressing IMG_20180326_153818474_HDR.jpg IMG_20180326_153804834_HDR.jpg IMG_20180326_153811554.jpg

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  18. Looking good. Yeah, lst can become pretty hard with how branchy they become.

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