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Question for the californians..Is cali mid-grade herb any good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SmokeUhTon, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Sup friends, buddy of mine from out west was telling me about their mid grade being decent just not nice big buds nd sometimes airy nd what not.
    If any of you western folk could fill me in a bit and even share some pictures that would be cool

  2. I've had some California mids and it's just like everywhere else. Could be pretty decent out door grow. Or total shit grown in a basement
  3. we have a different perception on whats mids here in the east coast
    usually mids means seedy and not tasty bullshit herb
    my buddy says there perception on mids is nug size more or less
  4. Yeah I don't live in California I live in idaho on the Washington border. So I get a wide range of "mids" mostly from Canada and Oregon. Sometimes California weed comes round and it's never bad. Very rarely do we get mids from Cali
  5. well mids are mids right? but you can get good weed for the same price as mids pretty easily out here.
  6. my buddy lives in north cali in mount shasta so im guessing its mids by their standards, like as compared to like indoor grandaddy
  7. Idk I live in New England and I've seen my fair share of mids but I haven't seen a seed since like 10th grade

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