?question for tent growers?

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  1. Is there a material i can put over a passive intake to make it lightproof, but not airproof.

    passive will be 150mm on a tiny 60x60x150cm percy tent

    im pretty sure im ok exhaust end, but im reluctant to have angled duct inside at the bottom cos ill need all mi space

    anyone overcome this hurdle fancy enlightening me that'd be great

    thanks in adv
  2. can always run a section of duct outside the tent
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    Sounds like you're pressed for space at the bottom? Most tents have at least 3 vents. If you have another vent up top you could maybe run duct to the bottom of the tent. But then you lose some mid-space for your grow. But it's a possible solution.

    I remember seeing some DIY light-proofing designs but idk where to find them anymore. Put those creative and problem-solving skills to work!


    So I searched around a bit myself since I will be facing this obstacle when I get my tent set up...

    Google: "light trap vent" (maybe "intake" as a keyword as well)

    Also Google: "darkroom louver" ("light tight louver")

    Most light traps involve pvc and 90 degree elbows, or ducting with bends. I think you can try to be creative with some cardboard and black spray paint. Just stress bends in the design since light obviously can't go around corners. Also you have to keep in mind how much air flow will be restricted.

    Good luck!

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