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Question for smokers with medical conditions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LexTsai, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. For all of you who smoke to solve or alleviate a medical condition, do you guys have trouble finding out which strains are good for what medical conditions?

    I recently got a MMID card for anxiety and depression but its hard to really know which strains are best for these two issues.
  2. I've just got 2 spine diseases, and all weed I smoke helps with pain, so I've never worried.

    Sativa's give you that uppity high while indica's are couchlock, I'm not sure which is better for your case though.
  3. Go to a dispensary and talk with the budtender! They listen to 100s of patients and soon pick up that "this strain" is better for depression, while "that one" relives pain better!

    If your local budtender can't give you good suggestions, then you need to find another dispensary!

    At the local dispensary that I use most often, the owner personally tries each strain before offering it to the public. So far, I have agreed with her assessment of the cannabis strains! She steers me toward the heavy, "perfumy" indicas that I prefer and the pure(r) sativas that my hubby seems to enjoy.

    Get to know your budtenders, they can be a very good friend!


  4. Great suggestion Storm. Hopefully I can find a great bud tender like you have in my area.

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