Question for seasoned tokers who have smoked in jamaica

Discussion in 'General' started by clipse, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. I will be going to jamaica for spring break. I was curious about the experiences you all have had in this great country...

    Is the bud really as great as they say it is, even when it doesnt look it?

    How can I make sure I get a good deal?

    Is it safe to try and bring some back to the US?
  2. Was talking with my aunt about weed, and she told me about her exploits there.

    She and her husband both loved to toke up back in the day, so they would go on week long vacations in Jamaica. Her husband supposedly had some nice hookups, and whenever they would go he'd buy a massive sack of dank, which he would smoke before returning home :D.

    My dad also told me of how he and my mom would take vacations in Jamaica, and the resort would be fenced off so that the people in the resort wouldn't have to worry about navigating the seething masses. They had police up by the fence, and a sign that warned about how Marijuana is an illegal drug.

    Well, none of that deterred these Jamaicans. According to my dad, you could go right up to the fence and hand them money in exchange for a sack. The police didn't do anything about it, just made sure everything stayed peaceful. They must have been getting a cut of the profits, or more likely some of the bud:smoke:.

    As for smuggling it back, I would not say that's a good idea. Drug dogs are extremely good at what they do. If they have a dog near you in the airport, it WILL smell you.
  3. Buddy of mine brought back pics of the Party Bags they were getting for $150. He said it was about 10 g's of killer bud and an 8-ball of coke. He said that they were readily available outside his hotel. Said they asked for $200, but he talked them down.
    idk about trying to bring it back though. He brought back a pipe and pictures. No weed or coke, except for what was in his system.
  4. Bump to this... Ima be in negril in 2 weeks and want all the info possible!
  5. I remember Howard Marks talking about Jamaica when I went to see him on his tour thing, he was showing slideshows and it looked like a total blast.
  6. I'm leavin for Negril on Sunday...can't wait
  7. My friends parents went there last summer and said about 5 mins after they left the hotels people where asking if they needed weed.:hello:
  8. I did Negril last year. It was great, then again I was at an all inclusive resort. You can go off the resort owned beach if you sign a waver. Its pretty easy to get some nice bud if you go off the resort owned beach. I got a few amazing ounces at the river walk. I talked to some of th guys that ran it and they hooked me up with what looked like a whole stalk of nothing but buds. Enjoy it. Its the closest place to heaven that ive ever been.
  9. Im moving to jamaica in 3 weeks:hello:

  10. I'm moving to jamaica right now.
  11. so this is gonna be a good first post :)

    i went to jamaica on a cruise with my family in january. I was a RC cruise.. t was pretty cool.

    so, i had the same question you did before i went... well.. here is my story.

    we just got done with an expedition with the family, they went to go shop around at the shitty tourist stores... so me and my brother went back on the ship to get our money to go spend our day in jamaica the right way.

    before we even get off of the dock for the ship, a driver for the dock (tourist van driver) walked up to us. I told him what i wanted to do.

    1. get ganja
    2. buy a bubbler
    3. get high

    so he loads us into his van, and we go to a shop nestled in another tourist city down the way and i bought m bubbler and a little five dollar wooden piece to smoke out of while we were there, and just ditch.

    So then he drives us in his van to real jamaica. Run down, trashy, chaotic. It was insane. He leaves us in his van to go pick up the sack. I gave his 30US, and he came back with about a quarter of the SKUNKIEST, DANKIEST, STICKIEST shit ive ever smoked... and it looked like shit... but it was real good.

    He then drove us to where his own personal car was parked so we could smoke in it. Which brought us further into the jamaican ghetto. Machettes and dirty fuckin looks is about all i can remember.

    We get into his car, and we start to blaze listening to his friends reggae band.

    This is where shit gets whack. He parks back at the dock, and i give him the weed and another twenty bucks (50 bucks a quarter basically) and he tells me to meet him passed the security.

    So we go to walk up to the port security, where there is two lines. We just get into the big one. And almost instantly we get picked out and moved to the real line, these two big black men were picked right after us.

    Our line was the line that the jamaican cops searched through. I must have underestimated the weed, because we only smoked three bowls... which is a normal good high usually for me... But i was fucking baked. Drug commercial baked. High enough to grab a shotgun and shot myself in the dome. reall fuckin high.

    and they knew it. So they just start tearing our shit apart, and patting us down, and looking in our boxers, and our socks and everything. Telling us we were going to go to jail in jamaica and never go back home. He took out my bubbler and held it up and everyone in the lines just looked over (we were on a business trip for my stepdad.. and a few of them saw them jack my bubbler and told EVERYONE about it at dinner that night.)

    and then i got the sack from the driver just passed the dock. and thats it.

    i couldnt make that up.. it happened.
  12. Jason king said you can geet the ounce of the SHITTIEST Regs you could ever see for 100 or you could get an ounce of the DANKEST shit you could ever find, for the same price its all about the people you know and how you deal with them

  13. that is fucking sick.
  14. i really did enjoy that story


    now its time for me to blaze this kush up :hello::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::D:p
  15. i went to jamaica once...i was there for literally less then 10 hours before i had bought a $20 quarter of DANK, got hooked up with some free papers, and blazed most of my smoke with a Jamaican cop.

    you're going to have a great time.
  16. I was in Jamaica last summer and it was awesome. The driver my mom hooked us up with (she did not go, was a graduation present) asked us if we smoked on our way to Negril. We said yea and he pulled over at this gift shop looking thing and asked us how much we wanted. We said about and oz and he went in came back out with a branch about a foot and half in length and coverd in crystals in a black garbage bag. He also got us papers and a lighter. All for the great price of 60 American Dollars. Trust me there was a lot more than an oz there. Everybody trys to sell you stuff down there. Hell our hotel was beach front in Negril and there was a little shop right beside us selling Mushroom Tea. Our hotel room had a smoke detector but it was disconnected lol. You are going to have a great time down there, I know I did and can't wait to go back. Also if you are around Negril area there is a good resturant called Kuyabba or something close to that, that has amazing food.
  17. Jamaica is one of the best for a true outdoor experience
  18. i went to Negril for spring break my freshman year in high school with my best friend and his stoner grandparents...and here is what i learned, buy a little bit of the weed from the panhandlers and if it is good go back and get more. i think i spent 25 bucks on buying joints for 5 bucks a peice before we found the guy who sold us our 2 ozs for the week, trial and error is the best way to go
  19. If someone told you that its dank even if it doesn't look it is correct. I bought half a zone of this OK lookin bud but smoked better than anything I've smoked in my entire life. I couldn't talk to people I was so high.

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