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question for ppl who smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by munchymeiser900, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. dnt worry this isnt one of those fuck u smoke dank threads, i usually buy dank but im gunna do a blunt party thing with a few friends so i was wondering if 70 a half o is a rip off or ok deal. i live in massachusetts if tht makes a difference.:cool:
  2. oh crap lol tht should say who smoke mids not weed forthe title lmao
  3. 70 for half an o...? Pick me up 20 of those.
  4. If it's dank, that's an incredible deal, very good.. TOO GOOD... maybe the guy who you're buying from is selling mids? That would make more sense. Make sure you know the quality you're buying.
  5. lol so this isnt bad then for mass huh
  6. maybe hes selling him that strain called dingle berry kush.
  7. it is mids not dank i wish could get 70 for a half of dank
  8. dude that sounds like an amazing deal anywhere you out for yourself because if it sounds to good to be true chances are it usually is.
  9. So it is mids, that's about right for a half o.
  10. No fucking way that thats dank weed. I pay 125 for half a O and thats a hookup

    Yeah. Thats normal for mids man.
  11. mostof u guys werent paying attention to the first comment
  12. Not once did you specify the quality of what you were actually going to be buying for your "bunt party." You said normally you buy dank, but you were doing a blunt party thing and you wondered if 70 an o is a rip off or a good deal. You weren't specific enough, and you never made it clear what quality you were going to buy.
  13. $70 is the most I would pay. $50 at lowest.
  14. pay attention to the first comment

  15. in the first comment like i said i meant to say for the title it said question for ppl who smoke weed and corrected myself and said mids
  16. Don't worry, I'm not trying to attack you or anything, but you should have added "is 70 good for a half o of mids?" That would have made it a lot more clear.

    Now that I read it again, I guess I could have interpreted what you meant by how you used the word "usually" to see that you weren't talking about dank, yet you could have been referring to mids or schwag, so you still didn't make it clear enough. Even though you tried to make it appear that you weren't referring to dank, you didn't make it clear if you meant mids or schwag.
  17. that seems about right for my area, on the side of a good deal, esp if its a good deal. but i know if you head over to philly its $100/oz for mids. sorry, only bought mids once myself so idk exact prices other than that.
  18. better not attack me ill tell my mom
  19. well i'll tell my mom too then its gonna get wild bro u better not threaten me

  20. You can edit the thread title by editing your first post :cool:

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