question for people who use mechanical mods to dab.

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    I use a nemesis with a Stillare or Omega RDA. I was wondering how you guys use your mech mods to dab?

    Like do you put e-cig juice on your rda first then put the dab on top? Or do you guys just put the dab and nothing else?

    I ussually mix it up as I dont really know which way is more convenient way to do it. But I do notice after I place only BHO on my RDA's coils that if I put some e-juice on it after ill get some more out of it since the coil is just dried out and needed some liquid or more wax to keep it going. I try not to mix it though since the resin will then have the e-juice mixed in.

    When I had my glass globe with a ceramic nail I would just use dabs only but its not as stealth as my RDA as family members have caught on to the globe attatchment.
    I ussually get really high quality shatter for the price of a half 8th of flower so wax is way more convenient since I dont need to use any glass or pieces and have to smoke as much. I prefer flowers but when you live with your parents you cant really smoke non stop bowls.
  2. My "mech mod" is a Flux nail by HE with a torch "battery" and a circ to circ minitube "globe attatchment"...
    I know nothing...
    But i recommend a minirig, and being more stealthy.
    If your parents caught on once and your still dabbing then you should be good with a minirig.
    Ill assume they weren't that upset.
    If they were you wouldn't still be smoking.
    But don't smoke if they don't want you smoking in their house.
    Be respectful
    A rig is the most efficient. I used to smoke outside but i can dab inside now. I live with my girlfriend and her family so i don't really want them to even realize how much i smoke. I'm a good person and they like me and all, but if they knew how much i really smoke they might not be to happy. I bought a quiet torch and a quiet rig and now there are no issues. The smells gone in 10 minutes and it doesn't travel to other rooms.
    I've been through 3 torches and a dozen rigs now though...
    It takes awhile to get a quiet setup. The parents walked in when it was to loud at first. They weren't to happy until i explained it, they thought i was doing something nasty. They actually said they'd rather i dab then smoke after i explained it though. They felt it was healthier. Then they would say something every time they heard the torch or the rig when they were downstairs. They don't care about us smoking but they call me and my girlfriend "the stoners" the whole night after hearing the torch. I got another torch and returned it because it was even louder, then finally got a quiet one. The rigs were the hardest part. After they heard us a couple times i just left all the rigs at my friends house and quit for a bit. They're saying something for a reason... they don't really care but they're thinking about it... I don't want them to get mad at me at all. I'm not really their kid and they let me live there. I went through rig after rig trying to get a quiet one and finally found a little circ to circ i love that's almost silent.
    The rigs all live with me now and come out on special occasions, but my quiet ones are my daily drivers. It was nice to have bought so many rigs because i've traded friend for better rigs, and even sold some to get my money back. They were investments. And it was fun buying them all. The parents haven't said anything so i know they don't know we still dab.
  3. I got my mom into dabbing that way^ lol she loves how it doesnt stink up the house and its easy on your lungs, now she has an enail and pretty much only dabs :laughing: :metal:
    And dabbing from a mod seems like it would be terrible, I would just get a small rig with good diffusion if you really need it to be quiet lol
  4. I have one attachment solely for juices, and one attachment exclusively for wax. 
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    When I am saying Mech mod I mean a [​IMG]Nemesis mod  w/ a [​IMG]glass globe
    I now have to use an [​IMG] stillare RDA with a single wick/coil for my shatter/bho/wax/dabs since that glass globe attachment isnt as stealth as a regular e-cig RDA like the stillare. My question is for people who have a similar set up is if they put e-cig liquid on first before putting the dabs on top or as is? I do both and cant tell if one or the other better.

    For example... Ill be dabbing it just with fat dabs then at the end of a sesh if I am too lazy to switch out to my other RDA that is for just E-juice I will just put e-juice onto the RDA for Wax/BHO after it was dry and not hitting any more and continue to hit it and you could still taste some of the wax/bho and you would indeed get higher.
  6. Oh god, i'm old. Somebody get me a wheelchair and some denture cleaner. I am so over the hill.
     Mechanical mods to dab?     Oh fuck i'm old.
  7. Sarcasm... i put quotation marks for a reason buddy.
  8. OP check over on Reddit. Some of the subreddits like waxpen and electricents have guys using the regular juice on the wicks and placing small pcs of wax, shatter on the coils and firing that way. There are also things like the Source Orb which is actually more like smoking rather than true vaping. They attach to the standard 510 threads.
  9. Not to many people on GC use pens to dab. Look at the vape section, and the concentrate tools and theres only a couple threads. It's mostly trial and error still, not to many people use them. Theres not to much info online, your best bet is reddit and random vape pen forums with 3 users. I'm sure a few exist.
    Where's the handbook for what these chaps are talking about
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    Don't feel too old, guys. I'm 21 and first time reading it I had no friggin clue what was going on bahaha
  12. Alot of people use glass globes to dab.. Its not too new. They even have bubblers designed to use with. If you just use an attatchment like my RDA with the coils it is much more stealthy.. And you get big rips too.

  13. I always thought bubbling for vape pens kinda pointless especially single cell mods with stock 1.5 ohm coils. There's not much power there to realy combust the wax.

    Plus the water is supposed to be there to absorb useless water soluble combustion products. With extracts there are basically no impurities and vaping prevents combustion and the resulting heat so the water at most only slightly cools the vapor.

    It helps with some of the desktop units as just the shear volume of vapor has a lot of latent heat if you try to take big rips of pure vapor the water helps. But still you're talking about a slight reduction of throat burn and a massive coughing fit from trying to inhale pure dense THC vapor.
  14. so much wrong in one post^
    since when is anyone inhaling pure THC? that would be so unpleasant.
  15. I have a panzer clone with an authentic mutation x. Been trying to come up with a coil build specifically for dabs. Take a sharp pencil and build your coil around the tip then wrap away! Put a little bed of cotton cloud under the coil. I just got some mesh in the mail I'm goin to try and play with here in a few days.
    Just shows how much you know about using mech mods/rda's. Honestly I would rather it not extremely hot to the point where it burns the oil. If you want you can make coils sub ohm which will produce a ton of clouds. It will get EXTREMELY hot too when you sub ohm. I prefer sub ohming sometimes but if I am low I prefer to use a 1.5 - 2.2 ohm atomizer to conserve my wax and it hits just as well but not as fat clouds. 

    A dual coil sub ohm set up will easily produce fat hits. And you dont need to apply it to both sides just one if you want to conserve also. The reclaim in the globes gunk up pretty well too. If you leave it sitting on its side it will all drip to the side of the glass globe and you can scoop it up and put it in an empty gel cap pill and eat it since it is already decarbed like how you do with reclaim from a dab set up.
  17. Best set up I've built is a dual coil 24g .4ish ohms, one vertical one horizontal. Horizontal is as close as possible to the bottom of vertical coil, catching uncombusted bho that the vertical coil doesn't combust. They are both wicked using stainless steel mesh. I found some old stainless steel pipe screens lying around. I fire this on a pegasus clone, tobh atty
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  18. I have a mutation x v2 rda , I've been using the globes like you , with ceramic wick coils. I was thinking and took the ceramic wicks from 2 junk coils I had and cleaned them up. Built two basic coils with 26awg wire to fit the ceramic wicks in and put in my rda. The ceramic wick works great no burnt taste from burn cotton. My final build is 0.4 ohm and the taste is the best I've had globe ,rig , or any thing. This is my first try at this let me know you thoughts.
  19. I use a igo-w on any of my mechs(and even regulated) mods and usually use a .6 ohm coil no wick or mesh and place the wax on and inside the great and looks like I'm just using my normal vape gear . Also I don't use the glass globes on it just regular topcap. /4g kanthal and usually wrapped around a 2.8 to 3mm screwdriver.

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