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Question for people who live in canada

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Token-4-Life, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. Is it legal to have possession of marijuana in Ontario or Manitoba?? If its not now much can you posses. This might be a dumb question but i was just wandering i've hurd that it was legal.
  2. A simple possesion charge in Canada should avg. a half to a full ounce. Maybe 7 years ago I remember a dealer saying he only traveled with 2 ounces cause he'd only get probation. Laws are a bit stricter now, tho many think it will be legal pretty soon here in CANADA :hello:
  3. Ha i hope it becomes legal. If it does im moving there lol
  4. marijuana is NOT legal in Canada. Live in BC and i hate when ppl think we walk around with 10 pounds in our backpacks. but generally carry anything less than 10 grams, usually they'll A) let you go, B) take your shit away, C) get a citation.....nothing worse.
  5. Still thats better than shitty USA.
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    In Ohio its a citation ($100) for anything less then 3 ounces. I imagine if the cop that busts you is a prick though, they might find some way to kick your balls.

    Although attempting to sell more then 20 grams will get you a nice cozy bunk mate who will change your name to Sheila.

    I wonder how many cops/lawyers/judges there are on this site? Maybe there should be a legal council sticky (if there isn't something similar already?):p
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    no amount is legal, usually under 30g simple possesion of a controlled substance, still a criminal charge, over 30g intent to traffic or trafficing; depending on the cop and how it's packaged. plants at your house, any amount; production of a controlled substance, possesion of a controlled substance, and/or production with intent to distribute.

    I got a warning the first time the cops showed up acting on a "tip", no warrant, tells me we can do it the easy or hard way, so i ask what each way is, tells me we can sit here while i wait for the warrant or you can give me the plants and i leave, with 120plants,2-1000watt hps on 2 flood tables........hmmmm... cop was actually very nice.......
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