Question for people who have successfully ordered seeds online and harvested.

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  1. I'm thinking about growing a new strain and was wondering what YOU would recommend and why?

    Please don't forget to list where you bought them form and the strain.

    I've been thinking about going with a haze since I've never grown one before...what would you recommend?

  2. im currently growing la woman and nl x skunk #1. Both are amazing lol

    Ive grown easy ryder but that was just to try a grow.

    Attitude is amzing, i will always use em. Mooch through there.

    The seeds i have queueing up to grow are pineapple chunk, vanilla kush and lemon skunk.

    Good luck
  3. I got white widow and skunk #1 from it was on the up and up. Got them in about a week discreetly. All were feminized and all germinated and came up female.

    skunk #1 is an awesome plant to grow. those bitches are crazzzyy. Seems to clone faster too, and my skunk out yielded my WW 2:1, but it's not as strong of a buzz.
  4. I ordered Sweet Dreams fem from BC buddepot, got everything in 2 weeks. (west to east coast) came out great w freebies, cloned em and bout to flower a few more.

    2nd order just shipped from attitude. Heard alot bout em.
  5. All my seeds from attitude. Happy with all my orders so far. I hear hazes are very touchy when it comes to nutes but who knows. I personally think it just depends on the kind of yield and buzz your looking for. I personally want to check out Jilly bean as it boasts good yields. Even 10 plus ounces per plant in a DWC system. But who knows, I'm sure thats under perfect conditions. I like skywalker from Dutch passion. Their good growers though not great producers. Tried some kush but was less than satisfied with the buzz. Currently waiting for some Skunk #1 to finish up. Just see what looks good and go from there.
  6. I Ordered from worldwide as well...lowlife auto blueberry, Ceres skunk, and ch9 Humboldt all feminized. All arrived well and "discreet" but took forever to arrive and I paid for the "no-bull" shipping, about a month and some days.

    The auto blue died during germ. dried out.....:(
    Both the Humboldt and skunk are doing great, they are 2 weeks and some days old.

    If you need seeds go there. I used my own address and cc. no worries.
    Marijuana Seeds - Worldwide Marijuana Seeds
  7. Got some Dutch Passion; Purple #1 only three weeks into flowering in a single plant closet grow. predict at leats a zip fat budz negro.
  8. I've grown out 6 Nirvana strains and harvested. Also a Mazar strain successfully.

    My best harvest was Papaya followed by White Widow, ICE, AI, Master Kush and Chrystal.

    I only recommend Papaya, ICE and White Widow and that Mazar.

    All strains from seedbay. They were 4 pack weekend specials. Haven't seen any in over a year. He may have been fundraising with the 60 dollar deals for 4 strains. maybe have been closeouts too.
  9. ive been growing Reserva Privada Kandy Kush, GHSC The Church, GHSC Kings Kush and DinaFem Power Kush. All from Attitude Seed Bank. i love all 4 strains. im tokin' on some microwave pop corn Kings right now! its like smokin' on a lemon! :smoking: every seed that ive ever purchased from Attitude or The Single Seed Centre has always sprouted into a beautiful plant with the exception of a mutated plant from TSSC...
  10. I've grown La Woman and Lemon skunk...both were awesome. I'm currently growing Resin seeds Sour P and it's gonna be winner for sure
  11. I cannot recommend a Haze for a new grower ..just cannot do it ..they are/can be a pain in the ass to grow.

    I suggest Lemon Skunk from DNA if you want to have a pretty good wow factor ( tastes like lemon yogurt when you exhale IMO) just not exactly what I would call "a producer"

    other then that Super Skunk (from Sensi seeds) and Northern Lights ( any older breeder), are great starter strains to start growing with, and learn how to do it on ......
  12. I've ordered from 6-7different seed banks,and the attitude is by far the fastest.
  13. Rule of thumb, do NOT send them where you are gong to grow. Why even take the chance, even if its only 1%? Thats about the only rule when ordering seeds, do not send them to the grow address. No matter what anyone else says, that its not a big deal, it is about the only way you will get busted when ordering seeds. (Package somehow opens, the mailman see's the contents, and then.....) So if you have a trust worthy friend (although that breaks the other rule of growing, tell no one), send it there if you are growing at ur house.
  14. I've never heard of anyone gettin pinched for ordering seeds.There billions of letters and such movin every day.
  15. And while that may be true, again, why take the chance? This is jailtime we are talking here. I don't care if there were 1,000,000 deliveries without a bust. That one time it happens, if its you, then you are screwed. I don't understand the attitude of "Well, I have never heard of a bust, so let me get them delivered to where I am growing". If getting busted wasn't as serious as jailtime, then I could understand, but why chance screwing your entire life, in order to grow.

    Whether its a myth or true, the story goes "Package opened during delivery, postman saw the contents, alerted the authorities. Authorities show up, and he is growing at the house". Busted.

    So why even take the chance, even if its never happened before?

    Well, thats up to you guys, but I will not risk jail on something I can easily avoid, not ever. So good luck. Just use good common sense.
  16. customs, the guys who check the packages ..just remove the offending seeds, and you get a sticker saying your package contained prohibitive materiel's, and have to sign for whats left of your package ... that is all. kinda tough to get a conviction on a handful of seeds..and the threat of inter-agency cooperation is a joke in America, what with each agency protecting its own funding the DEA will not tell the FBI .. nor will they pass on the info to the locals, who are incompetent in their eyes..

    now with that said .. do not get growing supplies shipped to your grow if you are growing illegally..why? ..cause those "locals" are not as dumb as Uncle Sam thinks.

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    I am not talking about homeland security or customs. We all have read how that works. Did you even read my reply? Its if the package contents become discovered by the postman, thats where the danger lies.

    But whatever. I have done my duty, and passed on the knowledge i have learned. If people want to treat gettihg busted, going to jail, and having the rest of their lives messed up because they deliver seeds where they grow as no big deal, well, there is nothing I can do about stupidity and laziness. I can only pass on advice.

    You guys act like even though the chance is very remote, that getting busted will result in a detention or something.

    Tell me what your line of thinking will be about the MILLIONS of people who safely got their seeds delivered to their house, when you are the one exception and sitting behind bars. Would you still then say its no big deal? it is a big deal. Why take even the slightest chance at going to jail? No one has answered that. All you guys come back with is "It won't happen". Well, at least I know it will not happen to me, because I took the oh so easy to take precaution, instead of trying to play the cool guy and say its no big deal.

    Good Luck guys. I truly hope none of you have to learn a lesson the hard way, when you can easily avoid it by just swallowing your pride and taking the proper precaution.

    Good Luck, and of course, Peace, Love and Pot. :)
  18. UMMM this thread is about what friggin strain to buy ..YOU.... are the one who brought up the paranoia bit, sorry to of tried to take it out ( will leave that up to Fencewalker... sorry FW BTW) so what strains do you suggest, that you have grown ???


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