question for people who grow easyrider

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  1. Can anyone tell me how big of a pot ill need for an easrider plant?

    Will a 1 gallon pt be enough?
  2. also, about how much did you yield
  3. Although I've not yet grown Easy Ryder, that's what I intend on growing for my first grow. I've read quite a bit and I'm going to use 2 gallon pots myself. Anything bigger isn't going to be necessary. Basically a good rule for minimum pot size is 1 gallon per 1 foot of plant growth. So, since the Easy Ryder should be ~2 feet on the high end, 2 gallons would do well.
  4. easyryder is my next grow,so no experience with that strain,but dwarfs are not like regular plants,the bigger the pot the better.I use 3 gallon pots,they work perfect.if you use 1 gallon pots your plants will be short and will yield very little.rule of thumb for dwarfs is lots of light and big pots=best yield.
  5. Yes. i think i am going to go with a 2 gallon. I think 3 gallons is unneccisary.

    Does anyone know how much the plants "could" yield?
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    If not using any special methods, the Easy Ryder is supposed to be like 20 - 30 gm per plant. That's upward of an ounce. But, I'm planning to LST my girls. I'm hoping to squeeze up to 60 gm out of each plant, but not sure if it's possible. I would say 1.5 oz is easily achievable using LST, but this is sheer speculation based on the average yield. Unfortunately I don't have the experience yet.

  7. well I think it would be pointless to LST a dwarf plant. especially since it is auto flower.

    I dont think it would do you any good
  8. AF has nothing to do with dwarf plants as it pertains to LST,it has everything to do with the amt. of light you use.
  9. i heard of people use LST on their easy riders and diesel ryders so should be fine

  10. err.

    So the point of LST is to just bend the plant so light will hit a certain part to make new growth?
  11. Yes,it is used to make a plant's foot print bigger keeping the height low which allows light to all the tops so nothing hides under foliage.

    Works very well to keep the canopy low and wide.

    For a low height cabinets or CFL lighting and more.

    LST has many applications.;)

  12. hmm, I might as well try this..
  13. Hell yeah you should. It's what I'm going to do.
  14. :hello:so how much did you manage to harvest then, only asking cause I just started one hehe:cool:
  15. Funny you should ask. I forgot I even responded to this, it was so long ago. I'll be harvesting in 2 weeks, so follow my journal (it's in my sig). I didn't LST though, but have since started some plants which I'm LSTing.
  16. take a look at both our grows and you can see a HUGE DIFF
  17. Me too! I'm curious!
    Did the LST work out?
    How much did you guys yield?
  18. Grew out five of these used.three gal got from one to two ads a half os per plant tall plants like three feet tall good smoke

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