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  1. Hi GC :)
    I don't grow (unfortunately?) and don't intend to, but I'm just wondering about security. Surely if you're growing in an outdoor spot (i.e. not your garden/property) and someone stumbles upon it or the law is informed in some way, the police would naturally watch your plants to see who's tending to them? Meaning that any time you visit your grow, you could be walking into a potential arrest?
    How do you guys deal with that sort of risk?
  2. having a game camera will let you know when people have visited your crop. that would give you a big heads up.

    as for everything else, it's all about precautions and common sense. travel light, wear dark colors and always have a (difficult) escape route. if you feel like you're being watched, you probably are. also make sure you dont leave any potential identifiers at the scene... wear gloves and clean up whenever possible.
  3. For a few plants, they're not gonna have a policeman wait there night and day for you normally. They'll rip it off and carry on in general. I go only at night and when I approach I have a mask and make no noise until I think evything is ok. Look out for cameras too and foot prints too. Don't grow many in the same spot and you should be all right.
  4. I didn't say I'm growing anything ;)
    Was just curious how you guys put up with that sort of risk, I get paranoid easily over stuff like that I could never do it :rolleyes: Game camera, good idea :hello:

  5. ok, no problem.
  6. In a small town (mayberry type law enforcement) they may stake it out because they have nothing better to do. But for other areas like Corto Malteze states, they aren't gonna dress in a Ghille suit with night vision and wait on ya. Common sense with experience goes a long way in determining if where you wish to plant at is indeed a good area. i grow on my own property and am fortunate to have enough acreage that i can switch grows each time. I utilize the edges of my property for the denial factor because it would difficult to explain that "its not mine officer" when it is growing next to your patio.

  7. I doubt they would stake out a grow site unless there were a SHITLOAD of plants... On the other hand, back in September of 2008, DEA/GA Governers Task Force busted the shit out of a guy with 6 plants one county over. The guy was a highschool teacher though. Maybe thats why they went crazy. Who the fuck knows... It's a risk you're gonna take if you grow...
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    ^I think I heard somewhere that 5 plats is the magic #, or something.\

    I imagine they do bust thee shit out of small time growers every once in a while in order to dissuade future small time growers. they can't bust every one. that's for sure. thaat's why all you stoners should plant little plots and overwhelm those deuchbags with the authority.

    ...I'm starting to feel like punching someone out. gettin all worked up! lol
  9. Wow you really good at "doublespeak"

    Must be from living in the UK, you get used to big brother looking over your shoulder all the time eh ?
  10. there was this thing on the news where the police found some guys grow spot in the middle of a residential wooded area. they then proceeded to place cameras around the growspot (only 5-10 plants) and ended up nabbing the guy with the video footage.
  11. Shit happens even for a few plants. Use a mask and don't leave prints.
  12. do they really dust for fingerprints for growing mj? seems like something they'd do for a murder case, or something. lol

    I need to stop touching milk containers in our fridge, and not touch any pots I use. they've got my prints, too.....shit.
  13. Probably because it was an EASY bust. They wouldn´t go hiking miles into the woods for a few plants.
  14. I had a plant growing in the woods when i first started growing. Needless to say it was in a horrible spot. In a huge pot that stuck out like a sore thumb. It had lasted all summer and I was real excited because it was starting to bud. (first time ever growing and getting the plant to bud) So I told a few friends about it, and wanted to show the plant off. After school that day me and four other guys went to go admire the plant. When I reached it the pot was still there however there was a notice of a confiscated marijuana plant in the pot and a police officers business card. I Didn't take much time to read the notice considering we were all scared shitless. We took off running our asses off and I never returned to that spot again. I got another story too.. Ill give you guys the extra short version. I know a girl she ran away from home. My friend was in love with her. Her parents knew that and knew him. It had been and the girl was still considered "missing". The cops ended getting a warrant to search his house for the missing girl. Needless to say he had a grow room set up, bongs, roaches, seeds and stems. The cops raided the house looking for the girl, destroyed the grow room, never found the girl and left all the pipes behind. At the end of the day he got charged with nothing.
  15. because the warrant wasn't for the weed. that's why he didn't get charged.

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