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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Birdman1984, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Hey everybody so I’ve been growing and around different peoples crops every year for years and years. This year I’m dealing with a lot of white fly’s and aphids and I’ve seen them on just about every outdoor plant this year. Is anyone else in Ontario having a problem with these pests this year?

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  2. I am near London, and my current nemesis is the Japanese Beetle. They are on my plants each morning. No aphids yet (knock on wood) but I have been using neem all summer.

    Perhaps some insectisidal soap will help your situation..bit if your plants look anything like mine, I wouldn't want to get any of the spray on the buds.

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  3. I had a big problem with leaf hoppers in kw. Neem oil did the trick along with sticky traps.
  4. Here in Niagara I have a friend who had a bad aphid infestation. Solved with some insecticide and immediately hosing it down. Haven't seen them back in a week so far.

    I haven't had any aphids myself but I have been treating with Neem through veg and the first couple weeks of flower after seeing some caterpillars and inch worms leaving some holes early on.
  5. I was just doing some research on another bug I seen on them today and it turns out it’s the Asian lady beetle and it’s there to feed on the aphids so guess I’ll let nature take its course!

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  6. Don't count on it!

    That is the first sign of infestation if you ask me. That's how I noticed my friends problem. Predators can't keep up naturally. You can buy a colony of lady bugs and put it in the tree and hope because they are well fed they stay.

    Didn't work for my friend, and I've read alot of posts here saying it's not the best route.

    Hosing the plant down and Lavender and Neem made a huge difference when we first found the aphids but a few days later he sprayed with a heavy duty incecticide then rinsed her off well.

    He was just going I to flower so wanted to do it early on.

    Hope it's not.too late for you to have options... Some .ore experienced here should be around to help.

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