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Question for Michigan MMJ patients

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DemonicGman, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. I've considered getting a card after smoking for a while now and realizing how much it actually helps with anxiety and these weird stomach pains I get from time to time. I have found a place where I can go in and see a physician who will decide if its right for me or not. I don't think I can get a hold of my medical records fast enough because I'll be leaving for school the 20th, and I honestly don't even know my doctors name/number. I don't go in much.

    I've had reservations about trying to obtain a card because I don't want to misuse the system and get one when I don't deserve one. But mj really does, to me, appear to help my anxiety/stress. I saw my current doctor once about the stomach pain and he said it could be caused by stress, so I think that is a way mj could help me.

    I would like to know how much it costs to get a card, how much the evaluation fee is and how long it takes to mail it. And do I have to get my medical records? I don't think I can get them in time before I leave for school. I also want to know if I can get it mailed to an address other than my home as I won't be there. Plus my parents would freak out if they knew I was smoking even if it is in a medical capacity. They are that way with everything.

    Thanks so much.
  2. One of the requirements for being qualified to be a medical marijuana patient is having Chronic pain, or other qualifying conditions. Since you have stomach pains, the chronic pain route would be the best way to go if you wanted to get accepted. To my understanding, the term "chronic" is defined as going into the doctor, more than once, in a given year to help deal with the pain.

    There are places that don't require medical records, and go off of what you say. There are other's that take you in as a "patient." They diagnose your situation, and if eligible, they will have you come back in a month and then you're legally eligible to apply for a card.

    I didn't go the chronic route, I am epileptic and had medical records. But with the state application, and my consultation, I paid 250. I assume if you became a patient for a doctor it may cost more, but nothing crazy since they know they won't be billing insurance.

    Are you over 18? If not, you need your parent's permission to become a medicinal marijuana user. Otherwise, disregard that if you are of age. If you're trying to become legal just so you can smoke, then you are cheating the system. But if you have a problem that marijuana actually helps you with, then don't worry about working the "system," I believe there are many other conditions that don't qualify that marijuana helps with.
  3. Yeah I'm 21, thanks for all the information. I'll have to sleep on this.
  4. Prices for the doctors letter vary. Range like 125-200.
    State fee is another 100 unless you have, I think it's, SDI or SSDI then it's 25. The lower fee is getting to be a pain in the ass for folks.

    Wait time from sending out the application until you get the card is about five months now. And the delay seems to be getting longer.

    Law says that twenty days after you send off your application, your copy becomes the ID card until you receive the plastic.

    Records can be faxed. They fax medical records all the time.

    Address. I believe they want it to match the address on your drivers license.

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