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  1. Sup, Grasscity. I have a question for any big Metallica fans here. (If there are any. -_-' ) So, do you think Metallica are sellouts? I've been hearing that being tossed around recently and I want your honest opinion on the band. I've been listening to them for about 2 years and I've been teeter-tottering between their old stuff and their more modern stuff and I mostly listen to a lot of songs from And Justice for All and Ride the Lightning. I don't think they're sellouts. But then again, I only have minimal listening experience. So if you think they are tell me why so I can have more insight.

    Also, on a completelty unrelated note, does anyone think Weezer's latest album "Ratitude" sucks? I've only heard like 2 songs from it.
  2. I hate it when people say they sold out with the black album. Sure it's more commercial but I also still think it's a great album even if it's not as fast.

    Now I think people are mad because they aren't as good as they once were and the whole music downloading thing made them look like pricks. I don't think they're sell-0uts, I just think alot of their new stuff sucks and they're douches about downloading music.
  3. I don't think they sold out. I think people got upset with them because they changed the way their music sounded as time went on. From thrash metal to Black Album to Load. People had expectations of them to sound a certain way and felt let down when Metallica took it in a different direction.

    I enjoyed their latest album, though when one of the songs come up on my random playlist, I tend to skip it. I just can't keep listening to it over and over like their older stuff.
  4. I personally don't believe that Metallica sold out. I always think when people say things about bands selling out "what would i do?" Having the opputunity to make millions and millions of pounds/ dollars purely by adding a few mellow songs onto and album to make your sound more accessable to a wider audience. I love all the Metallica albums old and new. Kill em all is my favorite. Nice and retro :p

    Much love
  5. i don't know about sellouts as such, they did however sell out with the black album and garner alot of new support from people that otherwise never would have listened to Metallica.

    That being said i myself feel that Metallica as a band died the day that Cliff Burton died. the And Justice for All album had the ear markings of being another EPIC album along the lines of Master of Puppets but sadly without Cliff the band lost its heading and it is clearly evident if you listen to master of puppets and then And Justice for all.
    Listen closely to the bass lines in And justice for all, did you hear them ? No turn it up a bit, hear it now ? no you can't that is because they turned down the amps on Jason to a point where basically all he was doing was standing on stage strumming a silent bass that may as well not even have been plugged in.

    I can't listen to anything after Master of Puppets myself, occasionally i will put in Justice but it isn't in my playlist.But Kill Em' All , Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets have been since 1984
    I think everything after And Justice for All was not only lame but disgusting with the exception of garage days revisited

    And please let us take a moment in silence to honor Cliff who was tragically taken away from us that horrible night in i sweden at such a young age.

    R.I.P Cliffy
  6. Nahhh I don't think they're sellouts. I love Metallica dude, but I do like their older stuff more, but I do listen to the new music. It doesn't matter though, there will still be haters no matter what.

    As for Weezer, I like Raditude a lot. I can't see any long time fans not appreciating it. I love Weezer! :smoking:
  7. Not really a hater so much as i didn't care for the style of music they moved to, only one i really hate in the band is Lars and that is just a Napster related grudge lol

    Some of their new material isn't as bad as some of the stuff in the past has been, but since they hired a new bassist they show promising signs, not that i think we will ever get another album as EPIC as Master of Puppets but we can always hope.

    actually i would be happy with a remastered issue of Kill Em' All and Ride the Lightning cause in all honesty the sound quality of those 2 albums is sorta crap compared to the sound quality of Master of Puppets

    I remember when they first came out and the music was just so mind blowing , nobody was doing anything like that, was so hard and so heavy.... ahhh those days
  8. No, Metallica are not sell-outs. I am a hard core metallica fan, I own every album, from Master of Puppets to Death Magnetic. Although thhey did change there sound over the years, that does make them sell outs. They changed with the times. And in my opinion, some of there best music came from Death Magnetic, with the insane riffs and solos. James Hetfield is my idol, he plays intense riffs, which is what I did for my band. So no, Metallica is in No Way sell-outs.

    :metal: ROCK ON!!! :metal:
  9. OK, here's my take on Metallica. And yes, I was listening to Kill 'Em All on cassette back in the day, having arguments with my friends as to who was better when no one had even heard of Metallica, and everyone was into W.A.S.P. at the time(Ha, talk about where are they now, LOL), so needless to say I've been a LONGTIME fan.

    As many have stated, their first few albums were absolutely awesome. Crushing riffs, killer solos, of course Kirk had one of the best teachers on the planet too (Satch).

    Then came along And Justice for All, and people started questioning their "mainstream" attitude with singles like One and music videos and such.

    Then came the Black album, and us hardcore Metallifans were convinced they had indeed at least "commercialized" themselves into the mainstream, which of course did affect their music. It just wasn't the same.

    However, they have had some good songs on the Black album, and many after that, and if they didn't ever "sell out", or "commercialize", or "go mainstream", they would have never survived. Take a look at where 95% of metal bands went after the early 90's. Gone. Toast.

    In my opinion(and apparently I'm not alone here), Metallica adapted to the environment and did what they had to do to survive. Yeah, it sucks that the music wasn't the same as the early stuff(the loss of Cliff had to do with that too), but I'm kind of glad they made it through the last couple of decades, and are still going strong.
  10. Metallica went to shit, thats about it....they sue people for stealing their music, then every single picture in the album cover of Death Magnetic were pictures they stole off of fans websites...i say thats just retarded, and for being called METALlica, they have lost the metal within, they changed completely to some bullshit that people that didnt listen to them wanted to hear, and that the people who did listen, didnt fucking want to hear..... Black Album was the last good production by them
  11. Metallica are only sell outs if you compare them to the themselves. Albums like St. Anger, Load, Reload are actually pretty good compared to the other bullshit that mainstream music puts out. But when you compare those albums to Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning and And Justice For All they sort of suck. But they still rock the shit out of most bands today.
  12. Er, dude, I don't mean to pick on you, but "every album" did not start with Master of Puppets. If you don't have Kill 'Em All and Ride the Lightning, you are definitely missing some of the best Metallica ever.

    Not to mention the original Garage Days, but that one is pretty damn hard to find, if not impossible now. It's hard enough finding Kill 'Em All with the two extra tracks on it (Am I Evil? and Blitzkrieg).
  13. They didn't become sellouts until well after the Black album. The Black Album is just the starting point of them making not that great of music.

    They were kickass during the Kill 'Em All, ...And Justice For All, Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets era.
  14. Watch Some Kind of Monster.

    It will be impossible to respect James Hetfield ever again.
  15. :confused:
  16. Here's a band that never sold out:

    [ame=]YouTube - Manilla Road - Riddle of Steel - Gates of Fire .wmv[/ame]
  17. First and foremost, Metallica was touring arenas by 1985-6 without the help of radio or MTV, they EASILY could've kept on with a relatively heavy sound like what they did on the Black Album by the mid 90s and they still in my eyes woulda been set for life as they are now.

    With that said, I dont know whether to say if they sold out or just kinda abandoned heavy metal when they could've arguably saved it in the 90s when the only band carrying the torch at that point was Pantera. By 1993 metal seemed to be losing its acceptance in the mainstream, bands like AIC, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana etc were popular, and then Metallica puts out Load, which is more along the lines of what the bands I listed were doing. More than a few bands followed suit ie Megadeth, Kreator, Exodus, Anthrax and a few others put out albums that were just totally silly. Only Slayer kind of stayed with the same style.

    Now fast foward to the early 2000s. Metal is popular once again. Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Hatebreed, Meshuggah, the return of Headbangers Ball, its like heaven. What does Metallica do? They put out St Anger, their closest attempt at an actual metal record since 1990. And a piece of shit at that. Not to say they're the only ones guilty of it, Megadeth, Exodus and Kreator also had "comeback" records, but still, and they say it themselves, Metallica is more passionate about making money than they are pleasing the fans.
  18. I've been a fan since 88 but it's impossible to deny the blatantly obvious: they're sellouts.

    In my mind, they will never again be anything but the assholes who took on napster, and until I get a labotomy or something to forget it, I can't think of that and make an excuse for them.

    [ame=]YouTube - Napster Bad[/ame]
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    Wow, You guys put up some really good arguments. I didn't think there were any Metallica fans here at all. Thanks for your input everyone. Heres what I think.

    It seems like going mainstream was what they had to do to stay in the game. I'm not saying I wanted them to crash but I also dont believe in selling out your morals for money. Still, its survival of the fittest in the music biz. Especially with nonstop flow of garbage ass musicians who getta record deal just because they think they can sing or if they can play a coupla notes on a guitar or know somebody in the industry that can put them on or whatever. All I'm saying is Metallica did what they thought was best for their career. For the most part I dont think they're sellouts. A lot of good bands have changed their sound over the years. I think its impossible for a band thats been together for more than 10 years not to change their sound. Thats just my opinion
  20. For real? You're still on that shit?

    Metallica is the one who brought up the case and other musicians joined them. Also, there are hundreds of programs just like Napster out there so I have no idea what you're going on about.

    I am a fan of Metallica but but pretty much slowed down listening to them after Reload. Was not a fan of their new music at all. They aren't sellouts though. You could say the same about ICP.

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