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  1. Hey guys,
    I was just wondering if people in legal states still find it necessary to use a carbon filter. I am currently using one, but I was considering just not buying another when this one is done. People are growin em in their backyards for crying out loud! What do you guys think? did you keep using them once your state went legal? I'm in Mass btw.
  2. YES! Unless you are interested in letting your neighborhood know you have marijuana plants growing at your home. Personally, I want my plants for myself, I don't want anyone knowing where they are so they could possibly steal them!
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  3. No, not really worried about smell. It's legal :smoking:
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  4. Mass here too. I run a carbon filter. It may be legal, but don't need nosy neighbors or passers by catching a whiff and go snooping. Too much time, money, blood, sweat and tears put into this operation to have someone steal my bud. If someone stumbles upon one of my outdoor plants that I have on public land, oh well my bad. Shoulda hid it better. But keep out of my personal property. Oh, who am I kidding. The main reason is because my wife said, the kids better not smell it. LOL. Although legal now, our kids have been beat to death for years that weed is bad and we preach say no to drugs. And we don't want to deal with that conversation yet. But these are the reasons why I use one.
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  5. I'm not really shy about my habits to begin with. I don't feel like I should have to hide the things I'm proud of. I don't worry about people stealing my blueberries, and they are right out in the open! If someone robs me of the few ounces I grow for personal use, I guess I'll just have to buy it again for a couple months. Plus people are always home.

    I'm very glad that was not included in the Mass law, but the legislature is working on "fixing" it right now, so we'll see...

    Haha, that was my first thought
  6. Very legitimate concerns. I have a nephew who comes around, but we've always taught him that it's an adult thing that he's not allowed to do, like alcohol.
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  7. im in Oregon. i run a carbon filter still. im not so much worried about the law or people stealing my plants or anything along those lines. i just live close to my neighbors and don't want to be a dick by making the entire neighborhood smell like weed. all my neighbors definitely know i smoke weed. i don't believe any of them care in the slightest. but ya running a carbon filter is kind of my way of secretly saying thank you for not bitching at me. especially since we let our yard go a little to much from time to time and generally look like the shitty house on the block.
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  8. I live in a condo complex and vent from my roof which is over two stories in the air, so I don't run a carbon filter.
    A "small" six plant grow.
    Venting at street level is a bust.
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  9. How long do carbon filters last? Is there and difference between them?
  10. Yeah, all the concerns are valid, if I lived close to anyone, and was not concerned about theft, or any of the above things, I would run a filter out of respect, not everyone likes the smell of our hobby,
    I think of it like what if my neighbor was running a stinking ass homemade soap factory that just overwhelmed the neighborhood, he might enjoy the smell of whatever he's doing but I sure as hell don't want myself and my family smelling it round the clock
    And as far as not caring if people around the neighborhood know ur growing, that just sounds like trouble, legal or not , people are killed and hurt over this herb, I'm kinda on the old school rule of tell no one , no matter what

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  11. Depends, there is definetly a difference , I started with a super cheap one and it worked OK for a couple months,, I started using fresh filters, 6"x like 2 feet, I get a little over a year per filter running it full blast 24\7

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