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  1. Been a lurker for a while but offcially joined today for my selfish reasons. I had a few questions for anyone who lives in La.

    Apologize if these are stupid questions. I did some research online but it seems too good to be true from what i read. I want to get an updated answer. I am from Texas, and my Buddy and I are traveling to LA for a couple of days! We went to Vegas last month and really enjoyed the new law over there for Recreational Marijuana. Literally went inside a dispensary and just wrote down our Name and contact info and gave our drivers license and just like that we got some good weed! Smoking stress free unlike here in Texas.

    So now for our LA trip, i have a few stupid questions for you all if you don't mind helping me out.

    1. How do we get a "medical card"? Is it easy to get? Does it go on our health record that we were diagnosed with a certain problem and thus received that medicinal card? Can we just get a Recreational card or it has to be Medical card by a doc? What do we have to say to the doc to be able to get the card?

    2. Once we get the weed, where exactly can we smoke it to avoid getting in trouble? We are staying in a hotel so obviously cant smoke in the room. Have a rental car so cant smoke in there. So where exactly can we go and smoke some good cali weed stress free without worrying we will get "caught"? Can we smoke at the beach?

    So that was definitely more than a few questions but i hope anyone can help us out. I know these questions seem very dumb and obvious but we have never been to LA and just want to have a good time and not worry about breaking a law.
  2. I didn't read your whole question because I'm lazy. But just walk into a few shops with your ID. Alot of them are just ID shops. It won't hurt to try. And in some places there is like 10 shops in a 1 mile radius

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