Question for HPS/MH growers in 2023..

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by buckethead129, Dec 23, 2022.

  1. Do what you love! That's my motto. Im jus curious if there's n e reason why the legit old school growers, most are still pumping 1000w hps in a cooled reflector.. is it jus nostalgia? I kinda get it. Ur so used to " driving a manual. " Your gna still drive a manual even though Teslas are available. I respect HID growers. I'd burn my crop or my house down. When I started growing, LED's (Cree cobs especially) were getting really popular.. first light I owned other than the massive CFLs was I believe a 95w ufo LED. Thing was terrible. I was jus trying one plant before I was really serious about growing.. no doubt HPS grows a great crop. I jus don't trust a super hot bulb at my house unattended most of the day. Love seeing a HID grow tho. Props..

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  2. I live in a cold area, the heat helps compensate the cold and humidity .
    I start off in April in side with mh, top n train and put outside June 20th,till Sept 20th,bring inside and finish with hps. I did this for the first time last year,it was the cheapest and best weed ,n yield ive ever grown.
    I usually grow 100% inside, but the price of electric went up alot.
    Maybe someday I'll change over.
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  3. Awesome dude! I'm jealous. Iv never even had an HID bulb. Lol. Many half asked fluorescent one plant grows. But once I found LED I jus took off. I been using em for so long. Their jus easier for me to tend to. Seriously. HID bulbs SCARE THE FUCK OUTTA ME

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  4. Winter time Northern Nevada plants will be in veg cycle entire winter 18/6 light.
    When the lights go off the propane heaters come on .
    You don't need the extra lighting in the summer.
    The hoop houses are used 356 days a year just for seedlings and clones
    The farm could use another 20 more hoop house
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  5. UL listed and IP rated HID fixtures are fine by me.
    Now then, the extra space heaters that I need to use to make up for the LACK OF HEAT from my LEDs are what really worry me.
    I grow under both. I’m only moderately impressed with the LEDs, but they sure are marketed well.
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  6. I definitely know what you mean by scared, I misdialed my dimmable ballast and had a bulb explode ,no fire,just messy. I do have smoke detectors in my rooms and all plugs on GFCI's . It's only 1 light per room,
    5'x8' sizes. When I grow inside,Ill walk thru the snow at night and chill in the rooms. I've been married 29 yrs lol. This is my first year not growing in the winter as I had a great summer harvest, we' lol see if we make it to 30 yrs :mellow:
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  7. I've grown with everything. But, CMH. I only grow for myself. I like COB's and QB boards for their ease of use. I find they run cooler than HPS and the old LEDs. I grow year round indoors. In late January-February I do use a small 250 watt heater in my 4x4.
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  8. Winter comes, out come the HIDs, saves a lot on heating,
    I just hope that by spring my new expensive LEDs are still in demand,
    and not been replaced by some 'green' included, update
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  9. Woah.. that far exceeds my five-by-five tent. Lol im going to Vegas Jan 23rd for my bday! Lol. Great stuff out there..
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  10. I'm in jersey. Think im gna need that. This will be my 1st grow back here in New Jersey.. Starting in January lol.. We'll see how the ambient temps are I'm going to be in a finished basement..
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  11. Screenshot_20221215_144229_Messenger~2.jpg
    I had to invent this to keep the tent at perfect high 70s in south FL. Lol
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  12. My tent would drop to the mid 50's at night. That's just a bit too cold for good growth. I set my controller at 70 degrees. I ran my tent in the low to mid 80's during lights on.
  13. Yup. I'd have to shut off the AC most nights at black out. I don't know why I was just reminded of this thought, but I'm sure this has happened to every growrer at some point especially when we had to rely on old timers.. Have you ever walked over to your tent. The lights on n u know it should be off? Only happened on my first grow or so. But that feeling. ‍️
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  14. Vegas is 450 miles from me, I am a country boy, and have zero desire visit Vegas unless its billiard related.

    Pretty much the fastest changing technology is LED lighting.
    HPS or M/H is technology from the 60's and 70's Which cannot compete with the LED technology of today .

    I have been assembling My own LED lighting for about 5 years ,
    I buy my LED lighting components from HLG
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  15. Good Buddy: how about a tutorial then....?
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  16. Yea chill led Sells some nice. I have a timber grow lights DIY cxb3590 I built myself. Well I applied the heat sinks to the chips. Snapped into solderless connector n stuck em in a 14x5 angle iron rectangle to get the 2 cobs in series..
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  17. Twenty of the HLG 288 Rspec QB @ 160 watts per board. 86 sqaure feet of grow space.
    I suggest 24 inches between the top of the plant to the light.
    Average cost per watt is about a 1.10 Per watt.
    I assembled 3 programmable Cree/COB 5 CHANNEL grow lights total of 375 watts with the Makers controller .
    Cost was very close to 3.00 per watt .
    I have one set of the California UV-B supplemental lighting
    I have 11 of the Mars 300 watt LED lights but they all are about 135 to 145 watts.
    Mars advertisement was misleading, I didnt understand or know anything about LED lighting .
    These lights sit in storage, I will never buy another Mars product .
    I have a 35 watt UV-C light, bought it to destroy Powdery Mildew.
    The light burns the plants even at 1 minute on 59 minutes off.on a 12 hour cycle.

    In my home I have a issue keeping the temps down. I am a DWC grower and the reservoir temps are super important to keep under 70 degrees F

    Yes HPS and M/H scares me because the amount of heat they produce.
    Hoop house yes Indoor I am Leary
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  19. I used to love the diy aspect of LEDs. It made them more realistic financially. Commercial insurance won’t cover anything that’s not UL listed and IP rated so all my diy stuff got shelved.
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  20. I primarily ran CMH only because I was/am a raging Lumperdawgz fanboy.
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