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  1. I'm not familiar with these nutrients but considering that it's a form of time release nutes, it seems that it would be best suited for soil. Coco is drain to waste hydroponics and should be fed every day to run off - it should never get dry.
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  2. You are better off with some powdered nutrients. Cheaper and they go further
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  3. I arleady have the nutrients, i just have to decide the better medium.
    Do you suggest me anything?
  4. I would suggest better nutes. Most growers stay away from time release fertilizer because you can’t control when they stop feeding on certain nutrients, like nitrogen for example during flower. You may get average results in soil but even then, you still can’t cut nitrogen when wanted. If you want to grow in coco and get the hydro growth, you must feed often to at least 20% waste and stay in smaller pots. Masterblend 4-18-38 is a good cheap base nutrient that can be found on amazon.
  5. Ok, but I’m going to use that nutrients bc they are made for weed, so i think that they will not give problems (every review has 5 stars). I was just asking if they are going to work in coco and if not where they would work.
    Thanks for your time
  6. I wouldn't pay attention to reviews - they're unverifiable. Good luck.
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  7. I’ve given my recommendations, you will do what you please. Good luck
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  8. Use soil if you're set on using those. Coco does not bind well to nutrients, which is why you feed/water in Coco every day. The nutrients would be washed out within a few days off watering. Watch your grow carefully. A good super soil properly mixed and aged will last a whole grow. I'm fairly dubious of an additive that claims to do the same. My guess is you'll need to amend with something during your grow.

    For future purchases.... There aren't going to be a while lot of silver bullet solutions that no one has heard of. They target new growers looking for an easy first grow.

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