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Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. does anybody know that you grow besides people on GC? im gonna start growing again soon and ive made up my mind that im not gonna tell anybody, not my brothers, best friends, dad anybody till its ready to be smoked

    maybe im just paranoid but ive had my babies stolin before by showing them off and of course if nobody knows nobody can snitch.....this is the only way to do it safe in my mind
  2. I'd keep it to myself and family, keep a lock on your cabinet/room as well. I wouldn't go around telling people that I toke with because then they will want some of course and could blackmail you. Just tell those who you trust and wouldn't turn their back on you. Of course if you just want to be extremely safe, tell no one;)
  3. The only way to keep something a secret is to kill everyone who knows...
  4. dude you scared me, im extremely baked, and i thought for a second somebody actually stole your young children, whewwwww

  5. true, true
  6. Hey,

    I dont see anything positive EVER coming out telling anyone you grow marijuana. I got 2 going, and not a soul knows. And I mean NOT. A. SOUL! Other than GC, of course.
  7. im was like you on my 1st grow told my friends n shit i never got jacked or nothing but u never know who your friends tell or family, think about it every good secret you even tell to a best friend no 1 can keep juicy info. ima be moving soon and when i do no 1 but me and my girl will know about it. that way you wont have that paranoid feeling that we all get from time 2 time
  8. Its been reasonably well known that I grow weed in my circle of friends and family. I have an rx for it as a lot of other people do in California. In my area 90% of the people I know smoke homegrown that has been grown by themsleves or a close friend. Almost all of my friends grow an outdoor crop every year. I dont have to worry about police because I grow legally. I do not have to worry about being robbed because every one that knows I grow weed knows that I will loan them an old grow light and help them grow their own.

    I always get sad when people talk about how they cant trust anyone. It most places/situations it is probably true. I would suggest that you keep it on a "need to know" basis. If I didnt have an rx and a cool circle of friends I would keep my mouth shut. People are cutthroat nowadays. I saw a guy snitch out his own brother for $100 bucks on Dog the Bounty Hunter.
  9. thats a good rule of thumb to live by,,,, no-one knows,,,,

    and even when its harvested and you smoke it with your friends,,,

    still dont tell no-one you grew it,,,, tell them you bought it,,,,

    and on-drugz, thier is a good place in your town where you can get ''everything'' you need for your grow,,,,

    i been there,, i got my fox-farm , grow and bloom there,, and my 140 c.f.m. squirrel cage fan there,,,,

    cant remember the name of it though,,,, i think it was on 53'rd ave.

    it's a little place tucked in the back of the mini-plaza,,, but the guy running the place has,,, '' A LOT OF STUFF IN THERE,;;

    when i was in there last, he had a sheet of plywood over the door,,,, apparantly, the weekend before someone had broke in and went to grabbing shit,,,

    the dude is pretty cool that runs the place,,, just dont mention weed,,, and he will talk to you,,,,, he knows what your in thier for,,,, he looks like a head himself,,,,;)

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