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  1. Hi, I have read quite heavily in the beginners pages that you should aim for a yield of 1g/watt of light power used. When you are talking about yield would this mass be dry or still fresh and containing heavy moisture ?
    Would this count for LED as well ?
    Thanks for any responses 

  2. Yields are always dry. Wet weight means nothing other than you can figure losing about 75% of the weight drying.
  3. You shouldn't "aim" for a yield of 1g/w, if you're lucky you will get close to this but new growers hardly ever get this. My first grow I got 30g with ~200w one plant. You really have to have your room dialed in and know your shit to get 1g/w
  4. Holy snikees.  I would be overjoyed with .5g per watt.
  5. My first indoor with floros was about 0.2  grams per watt. after 4 months. So I got a bag of smoke.
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