question for girls (very very nasty!)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XxJWxX, Jul 14, 2003.

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  1. LOL lets see what gets more views, this thread or the (not nasty) one

  2. this one cause it says nastyyyy.....of course this one will get viewed more... people expect raunchyness damn it up !

    besides its natural human intrest at its best..... :D
  3. well...what\'s the nasty question??
  4. guilty!
    i read alot of posts
  5. LOL higha ;)

    yea...I came here to read the articles ;)
  6. haha i agree w. stylez
  7. Well theres no question so i\'ll ask one.

    later when i can think of one
  8. ok im caught.

    yes i read this one cuz the nastyy part caught my attention:p
  9. what else is the box for?

    a cunning ploy none the less. ;) :D
  10. my attention was caugh by \"nasty\" what made me open it was the \"very very\" part

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