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Question for experienced stoners!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by imamwhat, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. I love some of that bomb ass dank ass inky dinky binky stinky purp skurp, but i dunno if i should puff puff pass without my hydro chronic ponic that me and judis grew. so what do i do? im stuck between a stone and a slightly bigger stone right now...
  2. I don't know what this means...
  3. i think that you mean that you wonder wether you want to smoke weed thats not the hydroponic weed you have been smokeing
    the answer is that it is fine to smoke weed thats not hydroponicly grown, and hydroponic grown weed is not always danker than weed not grown hydroponicly

    of course its possible thats not what you meant and your just fucking crazy
  4. are you bragging? Look man we all get zooted , come on...
  5. Well i just had a Nice pack of my wacky tobaccy. My problem is that my persy is over flowing with my Hydro Chronic ponic Ranky Skanky, and i need a place to put my bomb ass dank ass sticky icky Purp Scurp i just scored.... Now should i mix them together in my Bong for some Super Purple bubonic Hydro Ponic Hyper Chronic?
  6. Mime?

    Is that you?
  7. TheOriginalMad pic was good, Jimmy yours just sucks anyway Super Purple bubonic Hydro Ponic Hyper Chronic is probably the funniest sounding thing i ever came up with maybe its just funny because im baked lol =P
  8. this troll made me giggle with his witty wordplay
  9. Damn man just smoke em mixed or don't. Why u need our help?
  10. Wow, most annoying thread I have ever read. Wtf?
  11. Maybe thats why your akward

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