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Discussion in 'General' started by nucan, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. im sure this has been asked before but, what do all of yall do for a living? ive always wondered so i finally decided to ask....
  2. Blacksmith......Peace out.....Sid
  3. I'm a student!

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  4. I'm an amateur anime writer and a student
  5. I'm a student who works part time with a local publication.
  6. sperm donor
  7. student and i work at a liqour/ wine store.
  8. superhero and ice cream man
  9. im a junior in high school and i cashier at cub foods, worked there since 9th grade.. you know what i recently found out? if i go stoned, the day goes by so much quicker, and every little thing people do doesnt piss me off.
  10. student but more or less stoner
  11. Retired model for Playboy.

    HA HA HA!!!
  12. One man parade.

    as if ya ain't got e'nuff smart ass answers yet.
  13. ...HOLY FUCKING GOD...

    what is that?!

    nubbins picture thingy...Wtf!
  14. I noticed it to, man. Fucking freaky shit--did it switch for like a second only for you too?
    Anyways I'm a college student, about to be a drop-out, and my most recent employment was on a dairy farm. Don'tknow what the hell I'm gonna do when I drop out, but it's not gonna be nearly as gay as school is. Worthless load of shit if you ask me--you learn nothing and just get a peice of paper for regurgitating others' thoughts if you ask me. I guess you'd probably get a better paying job, but I couldn't stand living in a city and working in an office for the rest of my life--I hope my dad will let me become part of the family farm, but I get the feeling that lately he thinks I'm just a stupid stoner.
  15. i am a weed consumer, and a marijuana tester, (that would be the best job everm\, paying you to get high!! hehe)
  16. i work the front desk at days inn (a hotel)
  17. I'm on disability.
  18. Workin at the Car Wash!

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