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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Amizzle, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. I recently cloned about 6 clones off of a Train Wreck mother. I am rooting them in 1 inch rock wool cubes. I ahve them in plastic cups and I am keeping a constant 1/2 inch of rooting solution in the cup to keep the cubes saturated. Most of the clones are doing well. Some of them have a few yellow leaves, 1 or two per plant, only on one or two of the plants and one of them is wilting severly. I havn't tried lowing the water level in the wilting one because it is only happening to that one, but I don't know why. If anyone has any info on the wilter or the yellowing leaves, please reply, thanks.
  2. Firstly when you root in rockwool cubes you dont keep a satured cube in water/solution, the main thing you are trying to do is draw the roots from inside the cube out of the cube, meaning you want the cube moist but not soaked with water and if you keep it at the right moisture and make sure it has high humidity youl have almost 100% success rate within a week - ten days with good root development showing.

    hope this info helps you out,


  3. Coo, thanks man
  4. I have three clones that are the Train Wreck strain. What was your yeild, I am interested.

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