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Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, May 16, 2006.

  1. well ive been drinking some bud light tonight and i decided to ask my ma for one of her cigs. well it took the edge off drinking. i know alot of people only smoke when drinking but i can see ill like it too much. is it possible to keep cig smoking under control? i like it but i know people get hooked right in. i DEFFINATLEY dont wanna be a normal cig smoker. i just dont want it.

    does anyone else just smoke every now and then?

    i think im gonnna go back out have another.

    PS. this isnt my first cig just the first one i didnt cough through or puke after. i kinda liked the menthol taste
  2. yeah, i have a cig every now and then
  3. A pack of cigs for me will last a week maybe and I like to only smoke cigs when im really high. So just smoke cigs when your really high or partying just don't smoke when your sober and you prolly won't get addicted to cigs. If you think you are addicted at one point or another just smoke weed instead of cigs thats what i've done before :)
  4. yea i have a couple cigs every weekend as a social thing and im not hooked.
  5. I smoke when I'm drinking or smoking reefer, and I've never had a problem controlling it (been doing so for about 3 years).
  6. cool thanks guys this is re assuring... im gonna go have another... im sure alot of it is psychosamatic anyway.... im dry for a while. not such a bad thing so i can let my tollerence go down. drank 5 bud lights, about to be 6, took a .5mg k-pin and 2 cigs. im not feelin too bad. about 45 mins ago i was stressed to all hell.
  7. yeah man, i only smoke every once in a while. usually while drinking.
  8. Am I the only pack-a-day guy up in here? I hate it, but don't have the willpower.
  9. I smoke a pack a day, but I know many people who smoke casually and keep it up for years without turning it into a habbit.

    I suggest you try drinking better beer though.
  10. im a chain smoker, yet i still say i only do it on and off, i think the reason i do. is cause i always enjoy having a few cigs stoned, if i didnt smoke weed. id probably eventually give up smokes (not at first to get over weed haha). but yeah, its nice to take the edge off. pick up some camels
  11. hell yea water hurley!!! sounds like me, i only have a cig if im REALLY high cause it boosts it up EVEN more haha. but i usually smoke 3 or 4 cigs a day, just bumming off friends. And i dont ever crave them haha. its awesome.
  12. I just quit today. Threw away my pack of DRUM rolling tobacco, kept the papers, and decided to simply smoke ganja from now on. It won't be quite as mellow days and I know I'll be jonesing at school for the next couple days, but I'll be okay I think.
  13. I went from one when drinking to a few when drinking to a lot when drinking to a lot when drinking and a few when not drinking and slowly I got to 10 a day haha, that's where I am now. I'll get off of them this summer.
  14. ill tell you what, they really take the edge off of drinking. im not gonna lie, i really liked it. ill prolly have another on my way to school. im under ALOT OF STRESS right now. i cant make this a habbit. i already have asthma and my mom has been trying to quit for years and just cant do it.

    also ive been massivley aginst smoking for my entire life... kinda weird now....
  15. i usually smoke only when im drinking or toking, but i have been doing this for about 3 years and havnt been once addicted to them. cigs were always really easy to kick for some reason, alot easier than weed
  16. Pack a day. It just escalated from a few a weekend to this and I just dont really care to quit right now. There could be a lot worse things for you. Eventually Ill stop probably.
  17. I smoke 6 / 7 cigs a day tops..... usually after meals or when Im talking with some buddies... it can be very addictive if you´re a very nervous person, so smoke only in special ocasions... ;)
  18. I've smoked tobacco of all kinds occasionally for years and never really had an addiction. Its different for everyone though.. my dad never had a problem with it either, so maybe its hereditary. Occasionally after smoking regularly I'll notice the anxiety and stuff, but I just stop then. I've had the same pack of Djarum Special Blends for a month and there's still 8 left.. few of those I let someone bum too. So yes, its very possible to control-but be careful. If you're smoking occasionally but you get a mental addiction(I'm drinking therefore I have to smoke, etc)-then that'll start to lead to bigger problems, at least from what I understand. Good luck man.
  19. my ma smokes cigarettes every now and then, that's how i was, she "quit smoking though" i'm smoke more than anyone in my family now and we're all heavy smokers

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