question for christians

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  1. do you believe there will be a resurrection of the dead.
    if so what are you doing to prep for a zombie apocalypse.
  2. Zombie apocalypse is here, I see all followers and no leaders...
  3. No sir that's funny the dead will be RAISED with christ but when it says raised we will fly away out of the grave to join christ in the sky- NOT walking around oon the earth don't let ANYONE tell you different he is the only way to heaven and unto the Father it will be awsome brother!!!! But I don't think there will be bud for one we won't have a nervous system quite like we do now and two we won't need it there will be no pain no war no corrupt goverment officials no hate or any sin!! We will be perfect in his presence for eternity! Does that answer anything!??
  4. actually think about it, a zombie apocalypse would press the reset button. It may be our only hope for change.

  5. You mean the spirit here, right? Because believing your possibly rotted (certainly rotted, in the case of the earliest Christians) corpse or ashes will be raised up and floated off into the sky is pretty fucked up.
  6. i got to round 8 on zombies 2 so far. i think i could make it far if it happened.

  7. AW SHIIIIIT, I know who to chill with if it happens now :hello:.
  8. Yeah dude Jesus has been making a killing off this zombie stuff. He's hyping it up so everyones down when it happens.
  9. This is why we have xbox and playstations etc. To prepare the youth for such a invasion ;)
  10. There are several things in the Bible we accept on faith, because the Bible doesn't give implicit detail, only what we need to know. No one living can even begin to accurately describe what heaven looks like.

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