Question For Californians

Discussion in 'General' started by weednotcrack, May 26, 2010.

  1. I was wondering,how many of you would start to grow your own cannabis once it's legal?
  2. I would grow but I would still buy the rarer strains from the stores. The weed I grow would be my everyday weed and I save the rare stuff for the special occasions.
  3. alright alright,i see were your coming from
  4. I would if I didint live with my parents, But just one plant foo*•*•*
  5. i'd probably throw some seeds in the yard but nothing too serious
  6. was esay to make a choice as I'm MedMJ and already grow legally:D:smoke:
  7. Maybe if I had my own place, but probably not.
  8. Did you learn how to grow by yourself or did they give you a brochure about growing weed? (lol that last part is funny)
  9. I'll definitely start growing, shit i plan on using my money from the upcoming Christmas to by some HPS/MH lights. And most of my friends plan on doing it too, so we will never have to pay for shit, unless we travel or want some super dank shit.
  10. If California legalizes it then I will be transfering with my company out to Sacramento. I have 8 Strains to work with so I'll be growing my own shit. Would buy it in the stores as well just to get me through the grow. I'm praying it passes as the State I live in is run by the Gestapo and has harsh penalties for MJ. Our fearless Governor vetoed a MMJ bill about 7 months ago. Can't wait for November!!! :smoke:
  11. Can I come work for your company? You could pay me with weed if you want.

  12. I don't own it but I have the ability to pack my shit up and transfer to any State I choose based on vacancy. Company has a rigerous Security Clearance ; could you get through a check like this?

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