Question for blackstar 240w owners??

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    Curious, I've heard a lot about blackstar 240w LED fans being noisy.. I have my tent in the bedroom of my closet. Currently, my fans are not audible at all(Lasko task fans) and I really hope to keep this thing super stealth.With closet door closed (it is a solid, locking bedroom closet door) will the blackstar be audible?
  2. Does anyone have a blackstar 240w LED they care to comment on?
  3. I have a 500 watt blackstar, and I can hear the fans through a walk in closet door. But not that bad... But if you are trying to hide your grow from someone you live with, you may have some issues.... Also my room is fairly light tight, but with the strange pinkish colors it gives off, even a small light
    leak is a dead giveaway.... I think cfl would be better for stealth.... No noise, and no freaky colored light. Hope this helps, although I don't personally have experience with the 240 watt model.
  4. I've got a 240w and can tell you it's not stealthy at all. I have a 4" centri fan to drown out the noise so I don't really mind. The blackstar has 3 80mm PC fans for cooling so the noise is kind of equivalent to a reasonably loud PC.

    If you invest in some sound proofing for the box fat mat or acoustic foam you'll be fine
  5. Man, I must've gotten a good one or something... Mine is dead silent behind the closet door and only audible at a few feet away with the closet door open. The blackstar is only run for 12 hours a day as its in the flower section of the tent.

    It is not as stealth as my previous setup (a 150w hps in a wooden cabinet with A Lasko task fan) but it still just sounds like white noise. Because the LEDs don't get too hot, the closet door could be closed for a few hours in a pinch.

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