question for anyone who knows about lumens

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whuh, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. I was reading about how lumens dont add together so does that mean if someone had three 600 watt hps that give off 95000 lumens each in a 9' x 3' area there will only be 3518.5 lumens/sq ft?
  2. i dont know what ur talkin about but i wanna see what the GroPros think.
  3. No, man. It's energy. If you have one bulb giving 3000 lumen, then it's 3000 lumen reaching the plant, hypotheticaly. If you have 3 bulbs, giving 3k lumen each, then it's 9k lumen reaching the plants.

    Energy won't simple disappear into a blak hole from the wonderland.

    I'm trying to figure if you're trying to ask another question, and phrased yourself in a bad way... Did I answer it right?
  4. yeah thats what i was asking thanks. thats what i was thinking but alot of people say that if you have 2 bulbs putting out 3000 lumens each its still only 3000 lumens
  5. Come on people, this has been gone over before. Lumens are only used to measure light intensity and response in HUMANS. Lumens mean jack shit. Do research on PAR (Photoactive Radiation), and there lies the answers to lighting.

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