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  1. Here's the info: 7 gallon plastic pots, FF Ocean Forest soil and outdoors. Plants are all 5-6 feet. They're in about their 3rd week of flowering. I haven't given anything other then Holly Mackeral liquid nutes in small doses.

    Here's the scenario, I feel like the soil is basically out of available nutrients as my plants are showing some yellowing and dying leaves that seem to also shows signs of calcium or mag deficiencies. The roots could be pot bound.

    I bought the FF trio and I'm going to start at half strength of what the feeding schedule says.
    I give my plants water depending on the weather, how they look and how heavy the pots are. So it's not always the same amount.

    My question is how much of the gallon should I give each plant roughly? Don't want to burn them or get salt build up. Thanks, Pat
  2. Do you have an pictures of your plants?
  3. No, sorry I don't. Maybe I'll take one this weekend. Pat
  4. Ok because pictures help everyone that checks out your post to assist you.
  5. Does anyone have an idea? Should they get a whole gallon each? 8 ozs each? Has to be someone on here using FF trio. Pat
  6. It's a little late to start using these nutes but I'll share how I use the trio.

    My plants are about 2.5-3 weeks in flower.
    The Grow Big: 1tsp per gallon
    Big Bloom: 2-3tsp per gallon
    Tiger Bloom: 2tsp per gallon

    I will taper off the Grow Big later this month the the last couple weeks of flower I'll use nothing.
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  7. I'm at about the exact stage you are in flowering. My question is are you giving them each the whole gallon or dividing the gallon between multiple plants? What size containers are you using? Thanks, Pat
  8. 5 gallon buckets
    I give them each a gallon of water with that dosage of nutes every other watering.
  9. Not the best picture, this old phone has a terrible camera. I think if you zoom in you'll see some of the yellowing leaves that now are getting brown spots on them. Thanks, Pat

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  10. Those are leaves that need to be pulled off your plants
  11. Your plants are a pretty decent size bro.... I would definitely give them the whole gallon... I have 2 plants in 7 gal pots and I use the foxfarms trio... My plants are half that size, they get a half gallon each... I expect I'll be up to a gallon each by the time they get to 6 ft....
  12. So do you think it's a deficiency or just from flowering? I'll try to get a better picture of them soon. Thanks, Pat
  13. It's really just from flowering. My plants have the same thing and it is because they are in flowering.
  14. Gallon a day if hot and in a pot. I'd feed nutes 3-4 times a week. 1-2tsp of big bloom and 1-2tsp of Tigerbloom, and 1-2tsp of grow big. Honestly, I feel like big bloom is a waste. Huge fan of grow big
  15. But if I had to do it all over again I'd just buy Dr. EARTH fertilizer and mix it with compost, then topdress. No teas or any of that. Just simple topdress. Then just water. No need to PH with foxfarm soil and compost outdoors. PH is a waste of money and time. If you're PH'ING up with silica then u might gain something from the silica alone but not from actual PH adjustment
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  16. Thanks everyone! Pat

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