Question for anyone that has grown White Widow??

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  1. I know alot of people get tired of the yield question but I am just looking for a per plant average. I am currently growing in a closet that is under my stairs. The room is about 8' long by 4' wide by 10' high (but the height decreases the further you enter the room cause of the stairs above). It is a pretty cool room though. I currently have a 400 watt HPS and a 250 watt HPS side by side with about a foot in between them. I have 8 white widow plants that are about 2 1/2 weeks from seed and are looking very healthy. They are in 5 gallon pots already. I started them in party cups and just transfered them a week ago and put them under HPS. Anyways, here are some specifics below to try and make the yield question more accurate....

    - Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil
    - Will Veg for 2 months and then turn to 12/12
    - Using distilled water with Bio-Grow organic fert and Bio-Bloom organic for flowering
    - Have a 400 watt HPS and 250 Watt HPS at same time = 650 watts total
    - PH is kept around 6.7
    - Temp in room is about 83 when lights are on with fan blowing
    - Humidity is around 50%
    - Flowering for full 10 weeks (65-70 days)

    Hit me with some average yields if you can and if anyone has grown WW before let me know what your yields were and how long you veg/flowered for. Thanks GC:wave:
  2. I also forgot to mention that I spent a pretty penny on feminized seeds so they should be all females as well.
  3. i grew ww my first grow with a 400W hps in soil. even after a few mistakes, i got between 1.25 - 2 oz dry from each of the 5 plants. :smoke:
  4. Anyone else??
  5. Don't have any info on white widow yields, but have you thought about a MH instead of a HPS during the veg. stage? The MH spectrum has the right color light to grow strong healthy plants, while the HPS is more suitable for flowering. Sounds like you got a nice grow room, pimp that out and you should get plenty to last you til your next harvest. Keep on growin...
  6. imo ya grow w/ what ya got.

    in my experience there is no need to use seperate spectrums. currently growing w/ only HPS w/ excelent results.
  7. got talkin to my other half... we grew ww yrs back. at that time we'd been backarseward from most vegin w/ HPS & buddin w/ MH. but the most noteworthy was a batch we set up to bud w/ HPS. so under different lights we let 'em go longer & they were the most 'knock ya down' ww we ever produced!
  8. I also use Nirvana White Widow. I get Six to seven oz per plant says my food scale I borrowed from my O'lady. My White widow stretches more then 10X veg height in my hydro setup. I can only veg under MH for 10 days total to get my target height of 4.5'. One of the guys at Nirvana (Funkopath) said that is normal for that plant when I asked.

    I harvest at 60 days, but going 70 will just make it stronger.
  9. Yes, Rump, but not everyone's grow area is on your's status. Lol.
  10. Rump or anyone else....would you recommend LST for this grow?? My grow room really has no height limitations so my question is will it increase yield or the quality of my buds and by how much? I have been reading the thread on LST and it seems a little complicated and Im not the most delicate person sometimes when stoned haha. Mr Drink Spiller and clumsy here:rolleyes:
  11. Any type of training/topping will add days to your complete cycle time. Lots of things can add yeild to your harvest, but they will also add days to your grow. Example: you can let the plant grow ten feet tall and yeild a bunch off of it, but it will take another three months of grow time (besides having the right type of plant that goes that tall).

    If you have the height and the light, I would shoot for more harvests a year then max yeild.

    Here is a simple way to do training that won't add to your cycle time much.
    Construct a frame of chicken wire 2' above your buckets/grow containers.
    As the fast tops grow through the chicken wire, pull them back under and point them to a hole that is harder for it to reach.
    Keep doing this untill you have enough even tops pop'n out the chicken wire holes, or you have reached your time tolerance.

    This will also add needed support for your bud laden branches later in the grow.





    After harvesting the plant on the left, you can see the remaining plant is really using the wire grid to hold it's self up:

    I don't really use chicken wire, it's just I don't know the name of the wire I'm using. It comes in sheets covered with tar paper of some sort. $3 for a 3'x8' sheet. I think they use it for stucco.

    Pece, R.
  12. obviously Rumple you're a more experienced grower than I am, or ever will be, but i figured i would mention that my WW from nirvana didn't stretch anywhere near 10x. more probably like 2-3x. i vegged for 3.5 weeks under 18/6, then flowered for 8.5 weeks (i harvested when the trichs were entirely amber at all). again, just sharing my personal experience.
  13. Chiefton8, I also harvest when trichs turn cloudy (60 days). I tried to wait it out, but it started to die before they got 10% amber at 95 days. At 60 days this stuff is total couch lock (will ruin a good party).

    Others have said they only get 3X stretch as well with the same seeds. I went and asked because it bugged me so much. I was told it was a common trait to have it super stretch like mine. Something about Afghan mix to increase yeild added to the DNA (shit is above my simple understanding). The guy who told me that is a member here at GC. He said he helped develope Nirvana WW. Message him if you want a ton more details, Funkopath is his user name here.

    You can save 6 full days of veg time if you leave your lights on during veg.

    Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Great Tips Rumple ! ++rep man!

    I followed your idea with the screen and it has worked real well...... I totally agree on running 24/7 during veg ....

    I have been growing the Super SKunk - Sensi - It has a stretch but a normal stretch then fattens out nicely, i personally think super skunk is a great variety for indoor cupboards etc....

    Just upgraded my grow room and light. Now the proud owner of a 600w HPS, together with me 400 i should have a Happy Harvest coming up soon ...

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  16. Ya I'd flower for 11 weeks, every batch of ww I have seen roll through my area tasted much better after a longer flowering time.
  17. waddo<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_1821546", true); </SCRIPT> that skunk looks out of this world! The stalk looks like you been feeding it roids. This man is super serious about his skunk bud.

    Not even a hint of nutrient fuck-up anyplace on that whole plant. Very hard to make a plant look like that this late in its life. I take it the guess work is over when it comes to growing your skunk? That plant shines big time, one of the best I have seen.
  18. DJ420Chillin - Mate dont mean to hijack your thread.

    WOW!! Rumple you are the MASTER OF WEED, for you to say that about my Skunk, blows me away and makes me bloody proud! :) Super Duper.

    I learnt from the best, you, your guides and advice given on the forums. I looked at all your stuff and customised to suit my room etc... It was a learning curve and a great adventure, its more of a hobby to me now... Got me plenty of Super Skunk in me jars :)

    Made my Day!

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